Craw in Bed with Ken Murphy

Crawling Into Bed With
Ken Murphy
And a Good Book
*crawls into bed and lounges on pillows* Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?
Cotton. I’m a very hot sleeper.

*hums* What are you wearing?
Take a peek under the sheet if you really want to know.

*pauses with hand in mid –air* Er… Maybe we should maintain that air of mystery…What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?
Strawberries dipped in chocolate; dark chocolate, of course.

Oh, now that's a decadent offering! If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?
A collection of oils and lotions. If you’re a good boy, maybe you can get a backrub later. If you’re a bad boy, open the next one down.

*blinks* Why do I have the sudden urge to "tug on superman's cape" just to see what happens next? Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?
Nothing fancy, usually just a sheet lightly across me. Have to warn you… at some point during the night, I’m probably gonna hog your side of the bed.

Oh, awesome. No blankets and
bed hog? Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?
Absolutely. Better yet, put them on my thighs. That way I can rub them so they warm up faster.

Oh, now that completely makes up for the lack of quilts! What are we reading?

 Stubborn Heart

“WHAT can I do to help?” Trevor asked. He had walked into the kitchen where Mark was busy slicing open chicken breasts and stuffing them with spinach and blue cheese. He came to stand behind Mark. He rested both hands on Mark’s hips and peeked over his shoulder to see what was going on.
Mark smiled and leaned so that his back rested against Trevor’s chest. He tilted his head back until his cheek rubbed against Trevor’s cheek briefly. “You can get out of the kitchen before I accidentally chop off a finger,” he teased.
“That would be bad,” Trevor said with a grin. He walked over and rested his backside against the counter. Trevor watched as the muscles in Mark’s shoulders flexed, his hands moving back and forth as he used baking twine to wrap each piece to prevent the contents from leaking out. He let his gaze drift down Mark’s back, noting the well-defined “V” as his shoulders tapered toward a slim waist. Mark’s jeans accentuated his taut, round buttocks and his long, lean legs. Trevor smiled as he felt himself begin to harden in response.
As if he could sense Trevor’s thoughts, Mark turned and shooed him out of the kitchen. “Stop staring at me,” he scolded jokingly. “Why don’t you go pick out a movie?”
Trevor conceded and went out to the living area. He turned on the television and began looking at the available options. He chose a movie and then sat on the sofa. He couldn’t see Mark from where he sat, but he could hear him still bustling around in the kitchen.
“Spider-Man?” Mark asked in mock disbelief as he dropped onto the sofa next to Trevor. He placed two glasses of white wine on the table in front of them.
“Hey! It’s a great movie,” Trevor protested as he took one of Mark’s hands in his own.
Mark laughed and leaned over, resting his shoulder against Trevor’s shoulder. He shifted his arm and interlaced Trevor’s fingers with his own. As they watched the movie, a radioactive spider bit the main character.
“That feels really good,” Mark said in a soft voice, almost a purr. Trevor had been running his thumb up and down Mark’s thumb, gently caressing while they held hands.
“You feel really good,” Trevor answered. He lifted his hand away and reached up to slide his arm around Mark’s back and pulled him closer. He reached across with his other hand, cupped Mark’s face, and turned it toward his own. He tentatively pressed his lips to Mark’s, softly at first. Feeling Mark respond to the kiss, he drew him closer and deepened the kiss.
Mark shifted so that he leaned across Trevor and placed one hand on each of Trevor’s biceps to steady himself. He parted his lips and let his tongue probe over Trevor’s lips, searching for entry. Hungry for contact, Trevor opened his mouth and accepted Mark eagerly. He reached down and cupped Mark’s ass with one hand, twisting until Mark was situated between his open legs. He tilted his head slightly. Their lips remained locked, their tongues dueling, both vying for control.
Abruptly, Mark’s tongue retreated. Before Trevor could react, Mark sucked in his lower lip and bit down lightly. Trevor felt the shockwaves all over his body and groaned in pleasure. He shifted his legs and moved them both until Mark was lying on his back on the sofa with Trevor leaning over him. He covered Mark’s lips with his own, his tongue grazing Mark’s teeth as it explored his mouth. After what seemed like an eternity, he broke off the kiss and raised his head to look at Mark.
“That was amazing,” he gasped as he looked down at Mark. Mark was panting as well, his chest heaving from the exertion. His skin was flushed, eyes glazed, and his lips swollen from kissing. Trevor leaned in on one elbow and pulled Mark toward him with the other hand.
“Hold on, big boy,” Mark said huskily as he placed a hand on Trevor’s chest to gently push him away. “This might be a good time for a break.”
“Are you kidding me?” Trevor asked incredulously. He cupped Mark’s face in one hand, running his thumb up and down his cheek.
“Just for a little while,” Mark soothed. “I need to check on dinner. This won’t be a very fun evening if we burn the building down.” He turned to kiss the hand caressing his cheek, and then lifted up to place one more kiss on Trevor’s lips.
“Well, if you put it like that.” Trevor huffed with a mock pout.
Laughing, Mark got up from the sofa and went into the kitchen with Trevor following behind. He pulled the dish with the chicken from the oven and placed it on the range top. He inserted a thermometer to make certain it was done on the inside. Trevor reached around from behind and placed both hands on Mark’s abdomen, pulling him close. He rested his head on Mark’s shoulder, leaned forward, and sniffed.
“It smells really good,” Trevor remarked. He turned and lightly nibbled at Mark’s ear.
Mark shuddered and smiled. “Maybe we should go ahead and eat,” he said softly. “Keep that up and you’re going to need your energy later.”
“That sounds really good to me,” Trevor growled.
Together, they set the table and brought over the food. Mark made a salad and sliced garlic bread to accompany the stuffed chicken breasts. Dinner was quiet. They mostly ate in silence, trying to focus on the food. Occasionally Trevor would grasp and gently squeeze Mark’s hand. Once they had finished eating, Mark began clearing the dishes and putting things away. He refused offers for help, so Trevor amused himself by watching Mark as he moved around the kitchen.
Mark placed all the used dishes and utensils in the sink to be dealt with later. Leftover food was stored in the refrigerator. He worked quickly, mindful of Trevor watching him as he worked. Mark felt goose bumps on the back of his neck. Mark walked over to where Trevor was propped against a counter, then stepped in between Trevor’s legs and wrapped both arms around the taller man’s shoulders. Trevor drew him close, running his hands up and down Mark’s back. He leaned down and covered Mark’s lips with his own. Mark pulled Trevor until they were touching completely. He moaned and rocked his hips as he felt Trevor’s hardness against his own.
In one fluid movement, Trevor lifted Mark, swung around, and sat him on the counter. He locked both arms around Mark, crushing him to his chest. Both men’s chests were heaving as Trevor broke off the contact and began kissing his way down Mark’s neck, making slight sucking sounds. Mark inhaled sharply and turned to allow him better access. Mark moved both hands from Trevor’s shoulders down to his chest and began rubbing in a circular motion over each hard, round pectoral muscle. He smiled as he felt the rock-hard nipples through the shirt. He heard the soft rustle from the friction of the silky material against the hairs on Trevor’s chest. He locked his legs around Trevor’s buttocks and pulled him closer.

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