14 Random Facts_ You Surely Couldn't Care Less

I was tagged by the incredible Hank Edwards to post 14 random facts about myself  on Face Book. Which was challenging as heck since I have trouble thinking of just five…Since I went to all that effort, I decided you guys should benefit from my work as well. 

1.       I'm a Trekkie. Once I flabbergasted- his word, not mine- a college professor by managing to include a Star Trek reference in EVERY single assignment for an entire semester. It was made easier by the fact that it was a class on Multiculturalism and Diversity in the classroom.
2.      I prefer that Louis Kemp fake crab to the real thing. Yeah, I know. Plebian.
3.      I once spent my rent money on tickets to a concert. For what it's worth, it WAS The Eagles Hell Freezes Over tour, and well, I thought they'd NEVER be around again.
4.      I sing Tom Petty songs while I'm driving…
5.      I studied French for four years but have never been called upon to use it for anything. Maybe my guidance counselor was right and I should have taken Spanish?
6.      I do not have the patience to read instruction manuals or watch how to videos. If a project cannot be intuited, then it doesn’t' belong in my home. Seriously. It shouldn’t take a twenty-seven page booklet to tell someone how to assemble a book case.
7.      I like sandwiches. Fun, quirky, odd…and as a result, one of my "bucket list" items is visiting one of Tom Colicchio's 'wichcraft restaurants- which sucks because that means I'd have to travel, as they are located only in SF, NY and LV.
8.      Which brings me to the next item…I hate travel. I did so much moving around as a kid that the idea of packing up and going somewhere is traumatic.
9.      I still have a lot of 80's music on vinyl – Duran Duran, Culture Club, Spandau Ballet, Billy Idol, Rush, David Bowie & Corey Hart to name a few. I do not, however, have a "record player" to play them on.
10.  It cost me more to "move" my library of books than it cost to move my furniture. Yeah, I have THAT many books.
11.  The one and only time I drank gin, I ended up so drunk I proposed to some woman. Her boyfriend was not amused. Neither was mine.
12.  I'd rather cook than eat out…
13.  I slept in the puppet theater of a Renaissance Fair ground once. It's a long story and… well, anyway.
14.  My SO other calls me "the blanket police" because I have to have the bed covers all in a certain order of layers, positioned correctly on the bed. I need the weight of the blankets- whether it's cold out or not. So, I'll put four blankets on the bed and crack the window open to let in a cold breeze, or turn the AC down to 65.
15.  Every morning I wake up twisted like a pretzel because no matter how I bar the door to keep them out, I always end up sharing my bed-and not just with one sexy mathematician, either. No. I usually wake up in a complicated puzzle consisting of a Great Dane, a cat (If the cats cross paths in the night while climbing into bed with us, they hiss and fight and wake us all up, so there's never more than one cat on the bed), and one (sometimes both) puppies.

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