Friday Five: Books, Music...All the Good Things in Life #authorshavelives? #rockon

Spent yesterday writing to the rocking rhythms of one of the 80's Ladies of rock...

Joan Jett. 

I wanted her hair. 

But she said all the things I wanted to say to my first boyfriend...only better. 

So my Five Favorite Joan Jett songs?

Crimson and Clover 

Bad Reputation

Hate Myself for Loving You

I Love Rock n Roll

You Don't Know What You've Got 

Top Five Books on my TBR this week?

The Half of Us - Cardeno C 

Deuce Coop 2 - Laura Harner 
(Yeah- you won't find this one out for a few months, but ooh whee it is hot!)

Pitch - Will/Parker
( I forget what he wrote the book under) 

Candy Man - Amy Lane 

Heaven Sent - Jet Mykles 
(Yes. I read it already. But it is SO worth the reread!)

And now... Five lines from my current WIP: Syracuse (Centurion #3)

His hands stroked over Sal as they would a lover, sensual and pleasing, promising passion to follow.
Sal nearly purred under the soothing touches as they massaged his sore muscles, bringing relief to cramping thighs and calves strained from the hours of unaccustomed walking. Such tender care he had never known, not since he'd left his mother's side.
Life as the centurion's catamite… even if he was no equal but a slave, would have its compensations. His lonely home had not fed these needs, soothed these wants the way the centurion's touch did.

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