Exclusive crossover! Brad and Clay meet Em and Penn... #pridepromotions #mmromance #heartofclay

Today our Pride promotions tour takes us to Amanda Stone Books .com , where Amanda asked Havn and me to write something special for her blog.

What we got is a request for something... unusual. 

Something we hadn't done before. 

Amanda wanted a short fiction where the couples from our stories met each other. 

So we did. 

 So here you go…all four of our guys having a chance run in with each other…hope you enjoy. :)

“Are you sure this is the right way?” Penn squinted his eyes into the sun and tried to make some sense of his directional skills.
Em scrolled through his phone in the passenger seat, his finger flying over the screen. Penn noticed–even while driving–that there was a flutter of nervousness to Em’s movements.
“Yeah. I think so. Oh shit, I’m not sure.” He dropped his phone in his turmoil.
Penn reached over and rubbed his boyfriend’s thigh, trying to find a medium between understanding and patronizing. Em was still fidgety enough that a kind word went a long way with him. “Hey, calm down. So what if we don’t find the farm stand your friend told you about. Look at this countryside…the drive alone is worth the price of admission, you know?”

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