May Discounts and Deals #mmromance #savings #freebies

May Discounts and Deals

All Romance Discount or Free Titles:

4 M/M Novellas, and three flash fiction pieces for one low price! 

Will the hardened warrior heed his captive's plea?  

Smashwords Coupons: 

Heart of Clay 30% off at SW  

Contemporary M/M Romance 
Coupon Code: KS28M

Le Bibliothécaire 30% off at SW
Contemporary M/M Romance en Francais
Coupon Code: AV67P

Amazon KDP Free Titles For May

Pulp Friction 2013's Chances Are  Free May 2-4

His Grandma always said he'd come to no good. Chances Are, she's right. 

Meet Aaron "Chance" Dumont:

"I'm Chance, this is my place. You want me; this is where you can find me."

The problem with that, of course, was that it wasn't my name. My name was actually Aaron Dumont.

I picked up the name Chance as a kid when my grandma kept telling me "Chances are you'll come to no good, just like your pa." She had said it so often, it just kind of stuck. I've been Chance ever since. When she passed away and left me the remains of her estate, I sold everything but a few special items then invested it all in a nest egg for a rainy day.

I figured that's what she'd intended it for anyway. She'd said as soon as I joined the police force back in the eighties. "Chances are you'll come to no good there. It's a dangerous job and you're an accident waiting to happen."

She was right too.

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