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Good morning friends and readers!

*raises coffee in salute* *sips* Ahh. Waking up slowly here and getting the day started. Outside my window, the dew drops sparkle on the grass. Yesterday, it was cool and rainy and I even turned the air conditioning off and opened the windows. Looks like today is bringing bad news for my electric bill! Sunny and bright, temps will probably soar back up into the nineties by noon. *shrugs* Oh well.
I've been struggling to get into a new story for The Story Orgy. We're celebrating fall and Halloween with a thematic approach, a Creature Feature as it were. I say struggling because the first few chapters of a new story are always a bit of a struggle… it's awkward writing about people you don't know. After I get through that hump, get into their heads and find out who they really are, things seem to flow much better.
So I'm battling the writer's block with great seventies rock love songs ( Feel Like Making Love) from some of my favorite bands… and seeking mummy trivia and jokes in the name of research.
Where do mummies go for a swim?
            Answer: The Dead Sea.
And watching The Walking Dead.
That's right. Five years later, I finally get with the program. I'm up to the last four episodes of season two… we've just discovered that everyone is infected and you don't have to be bitten or scratched to turn after death. Rick's killed Shane… who was getting on my nerves anyway, Dale is dead, Andrea is lost, and so am I.
I'm resisting the urge to buy all 23 volumes of the graphic novels to find out what happens because I know I'm going to run out of episodes before long. So… some things that have been bugging me since I started watching:
1.      Why do all the cars that run seem to have been made in the seventies? I mean… there's some sweet rides in that highway of lost souls… if you had your choice, wouldn't one of them be better? And more fuel efficient?
2.      That department store in Atlanta? In the middle of the business district? Surrounded by office buildings and crawling with zombies? Is it really the only one they could think of? Aren't there probably just as many useful things out in the nearest convenience store?
3.      That one bag of guns and ammo sure as hell seems to be a bottomless pit of supplies. They've divided it, passed out weapons and ammunition multiple times and yet still there's plenty to go around?
Yeah… but I can't stop watching. It's an odd kind of addiction, LOL. And it makes me wonder… what would you do? Pretty sure I've thought of more survival plans in the last week than in my entire life.

Oh… and this morning? As if we didn't have enough to worry about? I saw this Huffington Post article. Yes. That's right. We have to think now… before the glorious summer weather has faded and fall set in, about how this coming winter is going to be F*ing cold and snowy. Time to start preparing for winter. Stock up on supplies, drag the sweaters and long johns out of the back of the closet… I wasn't ready. I did not want to think about snow yet. I'll have to start buying bags of birdseed every time I go into town. Winter's always hard on our feathered friends when the ground is covered in snow and ice. 
Global warming? Meet Impending Ice Age. Play nicely together you guys.
*refills coffee mug* Okay- thanks for hanging out with me guys. I'm off to drag Izzy and Owen into danger. If you think of any cool mummy jokes, I'd love to hear them here or on my Facebook page. Have a great day!  

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  1. Soooo....maybe that bag of guns is a little like Hermione's bag with the extension and undetectable charms on it? I'm just saying... ;)


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