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Hey there friends and readers! 

Thanks for stopping by the blog this afternoon! *sips coffee* It's Saturday, so naturally, I'm getting a late start to the day. Slept in. It was rainy and thunderous… really nice read-a-book-in-bed weather, you know? But all good things must come to an end, and so I am awake and working…sort of.

I wanted to be sure to post today because I have a special message for you. Thank you. Thank you so much for your ongoing support. Keeping House, the second edition, has earned a Silver Star at All Romance eBooks, as has Dead Man's Hand, the latest in my Pulp Friction 2015 Series, Jack of Spades. Those silver stars may not seem like much, but they're a huge deal for an author. So thank you. You're all the best.
(I have a bone to pick with you!)

What did the mummy say when he was angry at the skeleton? 
That's right. I'm still working on the initial scenes of my new Story Orgy project. I do have a title now, however: Mum's the Word. It's intended to be light rom-com, but who knows where the twists and turns of fate will take this story? Right now, my characters are heading to a job interview, in their cheap Brooks Brothers suits, that is. Today's goal is to do about 2K on this story- and to start posting here on Monday. *fingers crossed*

If there's going to be writing, then there's got to be music. Chasing away the rain this afternoon with some classic rock music from Foreigner and Steely DanThat right there is quintessential good music.

Fab cover art by Laura Harner
I've just booked a book tour for Keeping House with Will at Pride Promotions. Had some paperwork to complete for them, so I feel like I've already accomplished something today. LOL. You ever have those, I'm-breathing-give-me-a-cookie days? Sometimes the littlest things give you a sense of accomplishment. Managing to attach six different items to an email? That makes me King of the Computer for the day. I hope you'll all join me on September 7. There's a gift card giveaway and all sorts of fun to go with it.

I'm considering signing up for this… SPOOKAPALOOZA. One thing holding me back is that I know I'm going to be absolutely agonizing over how to spell that made up word. But then again, I participated in this a few years ago and it was fun. It's been a long time since I did this sort of event. Partly because basically, I'm just a shy book geek and I never know what to say in a group. Socially awkward, even on the nets, that's me. So maybe. I have a few days to decide.

Then there's this.

Christy is a great person, a Pulp Friction beta reader and a very articulate advocate for causes she believes in. If you're an author, a reader or a reviewer, take a look at her post on negative reviews and trolls. I wish I could think of a solution, but other than wishing Goodreads and Amazon would enforce the same policies our elementary school teachers did, you know… Do unto others, and be nice or be quiet… Well, what else is there?

*refills coffee mug* Thanks for hanging out with me guys. I've got to get Izzy and Owen over to that job interview with the creepy professor, and who knows what's going to happen after that? Y'all have a great day.

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