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Good morning everyone! Ready to kick another week off with a a fabulous Sunday? Yeah… *sips coffee* It's still gray and cloudy out, which on day three is not a blessing to me. A few days of gray usually has me climbing into bed and pulling the quilt over my head. But this morning is special, because when I got up to make the coffee, I logged onto Facebook and saw this:

That right there is all the sunshine I need today. *ear splitting grin* *sips coffee* And in honor of their stalwart spirits, we've declared today to be Foo Fighters day – musically speaking, that is. So I've got them queued up in the background while I swill coffee and get my day started. 

And this… (it's not a mummy joke, but I found it while searching for mummy jokes, and well… I'm still laughing so…)

            A skeleton walks into a bar and says to the bartender, "I'm going to need a beer and a mop."

Today's goal with Mum's the Word is to get the first few scenes polished up and ready to post on the blog starting tomorrow. TOMORROW. Hopefully it won't get here too soon. I'm a little worried about it, because I find that frequently I am not as funny as I think I am. So I kind of stress over that light-hearted approach. We shall see. 

Meanwhile, I spent over an hour last night trying to find something to watch on Netflix that wasn't The Walking Dead. There wasn't anything. SMH. Even skittered over to Amazon Prime TV and couldn’t find anything. So I’m at season four now. Because what's Netflix for but binge watching things? I told a friend the other day that if I had to wait for episodes I'd lose interest, and that's the truth. By the time I get to the end of season five, season six will be on television – but waiting a week for the next episode will just kill it for me. I only have one lingering WTH moment that's been pinging around in my brain the last day or so. It's a big one.

            How come none of the animals turn into zombies when they die?

Other things on the agenda today? I'm plotting some fall 
garden beds and wondering if I have time for a crop to grow. If I can get them in by the end of this month, I think I can make it. Plant some spinach, basil, carrots and beets that can be harvested young and preserved. Then I'll be turning my attention to the greenhouse I got last Christmas. I used it briefly to start seedlings that were drowned in the May and June torrential downpour. But I could easily grow a few indoor crops this winter in that greenhouse. Nothing huge… but again, some herbs, some small root veggies. What do you think? Do you garden? Grow any produce inside during the winter months?

Monday is also the re-release date of The Man Trap. The Man Trap was one of my very first Story
Orgy stories- five years ago! Incredible how much time has passed. It was at Breathless Press, but Breathless is gone now, and so I'm putting it back out there. I confess, I love this story. A newsletter is going out tomorrow with the information, so I won't say a lot here, just, thanks to all of you who've pre-ordered it, and please enjoy Simon and Alexi's story. (If you want to sign up for the newsletter http://eepurl.com/qBhBb, you can click the link. At this time I am sending newsletters only when there are releases, so you might get three in one month, or none, just depends)

*refills coffee mug* Thanks for hanging out with me guys. I've got to throw some chicken in the crock pot and clean the bathroom before I start writing Izzy and Owen out of the hole I left them in. Y'all enjoy your Sunday and I hope I see you tomorrow!

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