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Good morning everyone! Here I am up bright and early again. Two days in a row! Whoo hoo! *sips coffee* The sunrise was so gorgeous, all soft pink and muddled purple through the trees. Makes for a great start to the day, let me tell you. Skimmed my email and found this article from Publisher's Weekly  about a picture book that suddenly zoomed up the amazon charts. Awesome stories of success like this make me smile. It does an indie author good to see others succeed.

In the same batch of email was a teaser from Pinterest. They thought I'd be interested in a board for Triple Sec. I wasn't. Well, not really. Only in so far as Triple Sec leads to Margaritas and margaritas, well, margaritas are something I'm always interested in. So I skipped over to Pinterest and found a few new margarita recipes to add to my Great Margarita Quest board to try later. Found one to try tonight: Pineapple margarita . Do you have a favorite Margarita recipe? If so, I'd love to try it!

Who is the best mummy wrapper in Egypt? 
The Wizard of Gauze!

As far as an update on the work in progress goes, today marks I think day three of working on that A Man of Unusual Talent blurb, and day two of working on the fourth chapter of Mum's the Word. Progress is being made, very slowly. That's all right. Sometimes writing is like trying to build a dam over a gushing river and sometimes it's like filling a bucket with dew drops. However, exciting news! Will @ Pride Promotions sent me the list of blogs participating in my Keeping House book blast on Sept. 7th. I'm really looking forward to that! Watch this space for further news on the tour stops and the contest. 

I was all set to get to work when this crossed my line of sight:

"Despite federalruling, Kentucky clerk refuses to issue marriage license for the third time"

Some people's children, huh? It is to be hoped that the local populace begin a recall action. Or perhaps some couple should file suit against the county clerk's office. Regardless, I’m sure the clerk's days in office are numbered.

Music today is courtesy of Thin LizzyThe Boys Are Back in Town. *raises mug* Wishing you a terrific Friday and heck… let's make all weekend, shall we? 

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