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Good morning everyone! *gulps coffee* This day came way too early. I got up in time to see the sunrise, mostly because the cat wanted her breakfast. While following my daily routine, checking sales stats, logging into social media sites, etc., I happened to notice that The Aristocrat and His Servant is smack in the middle of the Highest Rated list in the Short Story category at All Romance. This is a sexy, short romp in Regency England. The series is heavy on the sex, light on the plot. It's up to five or six episodes now, but this particular one is free at ARE. If you haven’t already tried it, why not pick a copy up today? Also? That first book in the list? That's an awesome read by my friend Havan Fellows. Which I believe is also free right now.

In my email this morning I saw a review from M/M Good Books about a great read by a wonderful author: Garron's Gift by Carol Lynne. Carol is one of the writers who first attracted me to the romance genre with her Cattle Valley books. Garron's Gift is part of a series that is actually the pre-cursor to Cattle Valley. I really enjoyed reading it. Cat at M/M Good Books gave it 5 stars, and I assure you they are well-deserved. The first book in the series is Sonny's Salvation, and probably you should start there if you're interested. 
            Why do mummies tell no secrets?
They like to keep things under wraps.

That's hysterical. I've got the first two episodes of Mum's the Word up on the blog- just enough to introduce the characters so far, but if you're interested in meeting Izzy and Owen, you can find Part 1 and Part 2  will post at noon. Today I'm working on part three- bringing in the evil. *Shifty eyes* I mean, introducing a new character.

I'm still watching The Walking Dead. It's kind of interesting to see their infallible structure. There's always a great hook before the opening credits. The opening sequence itself is dramatic from the music to the snapshots. Then people argue, Carl does the wrong thing, or the thing he was told not to do, zombies show up in incredible hordes: which alone makes me shake my head every time. I mean, there's a finite number of people on this earth guys. They can't all be converging on a prison in the forests of Georgia for no apparent reason, can they? See a zombie, get it in the head, and eventually humans will outnumber zombies. Anyway, the middle is often mellow- things happen slowly, a touch of humor, a few moments of touching humanity. Then at the end, there's a rush of action and a huge lingering cliffhanger. You bet I'm taking notes. After all, a mummy is just a zombie with a different sort of fashion sense, right?

Otherwise on the agenda, I'm heading into town today to pick up some supplies for my garden beds and greenhouse. I'm needing some potting soil and a few other things. Also saw a neat trick on Pinterest this morning for prepping your garden beds for spring planting. The article showed them putting flattened card board boxes down over the cleared beds. The boxes decay over winter and leave you with ready to plant beds in spring. Sounds good, huh?

Waiter! There's a hare in my pancakes!

This morning's note has been brought to you by the power of caffeine and the music of Kiss. *refills coffee mug* Thanks for hanging out with me guys. It's time to change the CD's and get to work. Here's a funny to keep you company. 

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