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Good morning everyone! *sips coffee* Still grey and cloudy here. No sun for us until Wednesday according to local weather channels. Good thing for me, I had this review cross my feed and it's warming me up quite nicely this morning!

Lovely review from Christy at Rainbow Book Reviews for Dead Money, # 5 in my Jack of Spades Series with Pulp Friction.

"I'm not ready for this to end, Lee. I think you should be aware of my feelings on the subject. My feelings involve a lot of dramatic sighs, some childish sticking out of my tongue, and many pffts. So there. I don't want this to end, but I'm greedily devouring every word to get to the answers Sabine and the rest of the crowd are looking for."

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In other news, I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping and have yet to venture into an actual store. I love Cyber Monday, virtual Thursday or whatever anyone wants to call online shopping. It's amazing. Now if some virtual elf would come over and wrap all this stuff that would be awesome. How about you? Are you a shop at the last minute type, or did you fight the Black Friday crowds for the best deals? Do you fall somewhere in the middle?

*Refills coffee* Thanks for stopping by. I'm heading off to tackle today's to do list. Y'all have a great one!

Dead Money

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Barton Montoire's fragile hold on his emotions is worn thin by exorcisms and fear. Even though he's beginning to realize the full potential of his abilities as a ghost, he has no power to stop his lover's plot to end the darkness that has threatened their relationship for close to a year, not with all their friends in the line of fire.
In all of time, there have existed few men who transcend the bonds of life and death, who see the spirits as clearly as the living. These men possess the ability to summon others, creating doorways between realms, physical and metaphysical. A dusty tome written in cryptic language reveals terrifying secrets, but with a little help from his friends, Sabine Brusilov knows what must be done. For the good of humanity and supes alike, he must call forth the shadowy demon, leading it into a trap.
Unfortunately, talent is not skill, and the ability to summon cannot be mastered by taking a class or two and scouring the internet for information. With Bart at his side and his friends at his back, Sabine brings talent, skill, and strength of will to battle evil before it can join the gathering forces of darkness that menace New Orleans.
With dead money on the table, is love enough to take the hand?

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