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Good morning everyone! *sips coffee* Fighting off the cold and gloom again today. Winter wouldn't be so bad if the sun could just shine a little for me each day.  That's okay though, this time, it was my email to the rescue. J

Over the long weekend I released a collection of Christmas shorts, something I intended to announce her eon the blog today. Well along with the release announcement, I get to tell you that Season's Greetings has earned a silver star and a spot on the best seller list at All Romance eBooks.

If you ever doubted smiling could be painful, well, I can personally vouch for the validity of the claim. My lips are stretched in a grin so big my face hurts. Right there is where one of my siblings would normally comment, "Well, it's killing me". Thank you for refraining. *beams*

So… that said. Here's my seasonal offering this year, a collection of previously published holiday stories, hot, sexy, sweet and full of the spirit of the season.

Season's Greetings*

An M/M Holiday Collection

Available at

A Word from the Author

Dear Friends,
This is a seasonal collection of holiday m/m romances. All of the stories were previously published, and are available as single titles. This collection will be available for a discounted price, significantly lower than the prices of the individual titles for the holiday season only.
Have a wonderful holiday and please enjoy,

Table of Contents

When Ben learns Cris’s business travel means his lover will be gone for the holidays, he begins to rethink their relationship. Ben’s family steps in to keep him busy, but does he dare ask Cris to put him before the job?

A ghostly visit on Christmas Eve points grieving Kyle in a new direction.

When a shopping mall elf is touched by a joyless child, a connection is forged that lasts a lifetime.

Detective Grant Hammond spends Christmas at a hot springs hotel with his lover, JT, who is determined to celebrate the old fashioned way, popcorn garland and all.

*This collection will only be available during for the holidays, until Jan. 15th of 2016.
** All stories in this collection are previously published.

Thank you for stopping by today and visiting. I'm off to try out a promising recipe for Chicken Yakisoba that I found on a blog today. Will let you all know how that turns out J

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