Crawl in Bed with Patricia Logan

Crawling Into Bed With
Patricia Logan
And a Good Book

*crawls across bed* Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton? Errm… 600 thread count… Something Egyptian… JK… I am a former retailer… Egyptian cotton. *rubs her hands across the softness* Feel this, pumpkin… Better than silk all day long and perma-press… do they use that term anymore? Sorry, I’m just old… *blushes*

*blinks*  Ummm... that's nice, Patti.  What are you wearing? *waggles eyebrows* Naughty Lee… *stands and twirls in front of the hottie* See… Latex… just kidding… PVC… okay, no, flannel.

*chuckles* I thought pvc was that white plastic stuff they made pipes out of for plumbing? What?  What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight? Stuffed Twizzlers and wine coolers… *rolls eyes* Seriously, Tequila Lee? That’s a loaded question… How many Tequila Friday’s have we spent together? Hmm? *grins*

*sips tequila*  Well, as long as it's the good stuff...If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find? Hang on… *rummages, looking over her shoulder* Okay… the coast is clear… um, dust bunnies, cuticle nippers, pens and OH MY!!! I didn’t see that!!! I know what you’re thinking… but it is every woman’s fantasy… Taco Bell Hot Sauce… What? I’ve been married 26 years… *narrows eyes* What were you thinking?

*clears throat* Hmmm... Taco Bell Hot Sauce, huh?  Right. Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night? I *clears throat* am a very refined sleeper. I never toss and turn, roll up in blankets or kick the covers, neither do I snore… I… just… sleep… like an angel from heaven, in one position and when I awaken, my bed looks as though it’s never been slept in atall…

*snorts* Okay then.  Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up? Lee, you naughty man! I’m thrilled! Of course… *snuggles up to the hottie* *slaps hand* Down boy! I’m taken, by a very jealous man… Oh, but so are you! *grins*

*winces* that wasn't my hand, Patti.  And it wasn't intentional! What are we reading?
“A Very Good Year” was released December 17th and “Gypsy Knight” will be released this month, January, 2012. Next month, please look for “The Slave’s Mask” part of a Valentine’s day trilogy with Lisa Worrall and Sue Brown called “Valentine’s Day Masquerade” due out February 4th

The kiss deepened and Dmitri let Mav take him right down along with him. He’d never been kissed by someone that he wanted to kiss back. Marcus had taken from him. But this was different. Maverick was giving to him and it had Dmitri heady and reeling under the big cowboy’s onslaught. His cock hardened to a steel pole, something he didn’t think he’d ever experienced with Marcus. Something he never wanted to experience with the filthy pedophile. He knew Mav must have felt it because the big man’s own substantial cock was grinding against Dmitri, seeking the inevitable release Dmitri also needed.

Dmitri moaned, vibrating all the way from his chest up and into Mav’s mouth. That was all the encouragement the cowboy needed. He disconnected his lips from Dmitri and leaned his forehead against the smaller man’s. His breathing came in short pants, his chest heaving as he looked into Dmitri’s lust-filled gaze.

“Knew you wanted it,” Mav declared matter of factly. He rocked his cock against Dmitri’s hips again, which were held in place by Mav’s massive paws. “Feel that? Want it too,” he said before diving back down onto Dmitri’s lips. Dmitri could do nothing but open to him, this time eagerly, as he reached up and clutched at Maverick’s shirt, pulling his head down toward him hard.

“Oh God!” Dmitri managed to groan as Mav’s lips left his own, blazing a flaming trail down the side of his jaw to Dmitri’s neck. Dmitri yelped as Mav bit down on the soft skin then moaned as the cowboy’s tongue snaked out and soothed the area. “Yeah,” Dmitri heard himself saying. “Yeah, mm… yeah there,” Dmitri sighed as Maverick latched onto the spot and began sucking softly. A shot of pure lust zinged through Dmitri when Mav groaned in his ear.

“Wanna suck you,” he whispered, his gravelly voice sending shivers down Dmitri’s spine. “Wanna suck the come outta you now, Dmitri. Wanna taste all that spunk you got for me. Come on… You want it?”


“Bend over the bed and spread your legs. Accept your plug.” Master ordered. Slave moved to obey, still unsteady on his feet. Master noted that he trembled with fear. He moved away, walking to the sideboard and opened several drawers, removing an object. He knew that the minute he walked away, Slave’s terror would ramp up. There was a special bond between Slave and Master and it was the Master’s place to set the tone in their relationship. He had the responsibility to make sure that his Slave was well cared for but not at the expense of his absolute submission. He opened the bed table drawer bringing out the jar of cream he would need and then moved in behind Slave. He placed his left hand on the small of Slave’s trembling back. His hot red ass, blushed beautifully after his spanking.
“You have nothing to fear from me, Slave.” He bent to reassure the young man, knowing that as his towering form surrounded Slave’s back, his body would be very intimidating to the vulnerable sub. “I am going to insert a plug into your back hole. It will stretch you and it will hurt at first but you will become accustomed to it. You will stay aroused because it will press upon your gland, deep within and you will be ready for me whenever I desire you, stretched to accommodate me.” He felt his small sub shudder beneath him, but to his credit, the man didn’t utter a sound, not so much as a whimper. “Have you ever had a plug before, Slave?”
“No, Master,” came the shaky reply.
“Good, then I will be the first to do this to you, along with many other things that I have planned for the week.” He knew how smug he sounded and he waited for, and was rewarded by a tiny shiver. He ran both hands from the small of Slave’s back down to the blushing tight globes of his ass. He massaged them for a moment, drawing a whimper and then Master, separated the cheeks with his two very large hands. At the first glimpse of Slave’s tight hole, he went rock hard beneath his silky robe. “Ahh, you are very beautiful my Slave,” he growled.
“Thank you, Master,” came the muffled answer.
Master let go of the young Slave’s ass cheeks and picked up the plug that he had selected. It was curved at one end, designed to press constantly against the young man’s prostate and larger than the dildo he had used on Slave the night before. He had selected it for its size to stretch Slave for his own cock. Though Master was longer and thicker than any of the glass phalluses in the velvet box, he still knew that a man of his size would most certainly hurt a small man like Slave if he wasn’t very careful with him, and he had no desire to damage his beautiful cherub.
Master opened the jar of cream and spread a liberal amount all over his fingers and then slipped a finger into the crack of Slave’s ass. Slave jumped, probably because of the cold against the heated flesh. Master found Slave’s tiny hole and massaged it for only a moment before inserting it, sliding it deeply within as he told Slave to breathe easy and relax. He heard a tiny moan as he worked Slave’s hole, thrusting more deeply as he prepared him for the plug. Slave’s entire body began blushing and Master loved the sight of it. He ran a practiced palm up and over Slave’s bottom as he inserted a second finger. Slave gasped and Master leaned in and kissed the globe, he’d just been touching.
“It’s all right my pretty slave. You will take whatever I give you because you know it pleases me. You also know that I will push you to take more and more. Soon you will be begging for a good hard fucking. I have a large cock, Slave, and it will be hard for you to take, but take it, you will.” Slave moaned as Master scissored his fingers inside his back passage, opening him up as he gave him an internal massage. A few minutes later, Slave was riding the fingers. Master smiled to himself and slipped in a third, stretching him wide.
“Master!” Slave gasped. “Too much! It’s too much! Ahhh…”
“It’s not too much. You will take what I give you and though it may hurt, your pain brings me pleasure, so you will endure it,” Master growled low.
“Ahh, ahh, mmm… yes, Master,” Slave groaned quietly. He writhed on the bed in front of Master and began humping the sheets below.


Gypsy Knight Blurb:

Gavin Kentworth, gypsy half-breed knight, has just returned to Sheffield, the estate in England where he grew up. He’s brought along his lover Malik Shahosseini, a warrior crusader who fought by his side in the Holy Land. Gavin has returned to keep a vow to his friend and mentor the old Lord Sheffield, who he’s just buried. He is to serve the young heir to a mighty dynasty, the teenaged Thomas James, Lord of Sheffield.
Gavin is honored to serve young Thomas but has forgotten the beauty of his older sister Bree. Malik, though deeply in love with Gavin knows that his lover must marry and have sons. He sees Bree as Gavin’s opportunity for everlasting love. When Gavin finds himself falling for the beautiful young virgin, he is torn in two, never wanting to give up the man he also loves.
When Lord Thomas becomes the target of a vicious killer and his people are continuously harassed, the knights realize that they have more than love to worry about. Then, unexpectedly, Gavin’s shameful past comes back to visit him as well. Join our three in an all consuming ménage of action, adventure, sex that burns up the sheets and love. 

My blog is : http://naughtypassions.blogspot.com/?zx=b5a189a9c8296804 My email address is patricialogan.author@yahoo.com and you can always find me on FB at https://www.facebook.com/#!/ploganauthor


  1. Thank you, Lee. It was fun being in your bed... with you know, the Patron... and your divine presence. You should try it sometime Kelly :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Good interview, and congrats on your release Patti!
    (Why am I snickering over that comment? LOL)

  3. LOL! That was cute. Loved this!


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