Flash Fiction Friday: Waiting


Waiting. God how I wish I dared just stand up and holler down at Sascha to hurry his ass up. But I can't. Because then she'd see. She'd know. The whole town would know. 

And he doesn't want that. Well, what about what I want? What the fuck about honesty and truth and love?

Yeah. That says it all, huh? 

You know what? There's more to living than safety. There's dignity. 

And if my pants weren't down there on the landing where he tossed them in his passionate desire to fuck, I'd be out of here like a shot. 

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  1. OO, nope, you aren't rusty at all Lee. Great post, very passionate. You can feel his frustration.

  2. Aww. He has to hide! I hate that! Sascha really needs to pull his head out. Not rusty at all, Lee

  3. If that was Rusty, I'd like to meet his partner. Hiding, shadows, secrecy.........bad? Ahem, no ~ all the best treats are had in secrecy. Loved it, Lee:) xo

  4. LOL sounds like they had some steamy fun! Well done!

  5. Aw poor man. Sascha isn't being very fair. Great flash Lee.

    Could feel the frustrations.


  6. He should make Sascha go get his pants. Or surrender a pair to him. Loved it Lee, and no you're not rusty.

  7. He deserves so much more! Fabulous job. I loved this FFF.

  8. Love this one Lee! I want to know more!

  9. Fantastic. This sounds like the makings of a great story!

  10. LOL! Damn, didn’t he know he would need to put his pants back on after the deed was done? Now he has to stay up there in his underwear. Cool post Lee!

  11. He should stand up and shout "He is mine!" but he is too scared to lose his lover. But he really should get his pants and leave. Needs show his lover he isn't going to be hidden and taken for granted forever.

    Awesome FFF


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