Truth or Dare Paper Back Give Away : The Rules of the Game

Y'all have met, Havan, right? My beloved muse? The one who holds my hand when I hit submit, passes the tequila when things are good, bad, or about to get ugly? 

She had this marvelous Idea for how to give away a signed copy of Truth or Dare, the paperback that contains Keeping House, Telling the Truth and Giving Up. 

It's easy. Kind of. 

We'll play our own little game of memory.  I'll post two pieces of dialogue from each book, you tell me who said what, and we'll draw a winner from those who answer correctly. 

To recap: You match six pieces of dialogue to the person who said it. 

Email me the correct answers at lee(dot)brazil@ymail.com. 

Havan and I will conduct a random draw from among those who correctly match ALL six bits of dialogue to the correct character.

The winner will receive a signed paperback copy of Truth or Dare. 

April 8 - First set of questions

April 15 - Second set of questions

April 22 - Last 2 posts - get your email sent! 

April 29 - Winner posted

(International players accepted, must leave contact email to win, must respond to notification of winning within seven days of April 29 or prize will be forfeit.)

That's it!  Come back next week for the first round of questions! 

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  1. ooooh I own the E books what i would give for this--- I am ready!!


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