Crawl in Bed With Lorraine Nelson

Crawling Into Bed With
Lorraine Nelson
And a Good Book

*crawls into bed* Hi, Lorraine...I see you were expecting me. Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?

Silk of course…black silk. What a silly question, Lee. Only the best for us. ;)

*smirks* Slippy slidey silk...hmmmm. What are you wearing?

A red silk teddy, um, well, I was. LOL

And a very lovely teddy it was, too.  What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?

We have a tray of grapes and cheese and a bottle of baby champagne. I'll feed you if you feed me. Ooohhh! That champagne is cold! (pause) Mmmm, that's better, darling. Lick it all off.

*smiles innocently* Well, I do try to clean up my messes.  Sorry to spill it on you. If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?

Spare condoms and that's where I keep my play toys for those nights when you're not available.

Would you like to demonstrate those some day? Not tonight- we do ahve a book to read, after all.  Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?

Oh, now, naughty question, Lee. You just want me to admit how hot I get.

*raises brow* Oh? You're a hot one? Then can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?

Honey, if you're in bed with me, not one single spot on your bod will be cold. ;)

*snuggles* What are we reading? 

              We're reading Her Unlikely Bodyguard, my new release from Breathless Press. Plenty of sexciting situations to whet our, um, appetites.


A stalker who wants revenge…a past flame rekindled…Jemma Leigh's summer just got interesting.


Jemma Leigh Harding has drawn the attention of an unknown stalker and returns to her hometown of Somerville, a safe haven—or so she thinks—on the east coast of Canada.

Theodore Garrity is the last person she expects to see, considering how easily he walked away from her after graduation to join the army.

Their past history involves secrets Jemma Leigh is hesitant to share. When it becomes clear the stalker has followed her home, Teddy becomes her unlikely bodyguard. Will the terror and past hurts separate them forever? Or will love blaze a fresh path for their future?

Jemma Leigh returned to her research and left the men in the kitchen. A short while later, she heard careful footfalls as Ted made his way up the stairs to join her. "You finished with guard duty for now?"
"Could be that I came up here to do some hands-on bodyguard work."
"Oooh, I'm liking the sound of that, Teddy Bear." She loved it when they bantered back and forth like this, sexual innuendos abounding.
"And I'm becoming addicted to your charms, Jemma Love."
"Addicted speaks of something you crave over and over again. I'm loving the sound of that. Well, let's see about putting a little of my charm to work, shall we?" she suggested as she rose and went to meet him where he stood just inside the door.
"This is madness," he said between hot, smothering, impassioned kisses. "We should have our ever-lovin' heads examined."
"Later. We have more pressing issues right now," she declared as she pressed herself against him, the ridge of his erection pushing into the soft, tender skin of her belly. Standing back out of the way, she could see his shaft straining the seams of his jeans as it grew hard and ready for her.
"Too many clothes," he announced as he danced her inside then closed and locked the door.
As the lock snicked into place, Jemma Leigh started to undo her blouse, but his hands stilled hers as he requested, "Let me."
Every button released meant the slightest touch of his fingers as they brushed against her skin. Oh, sweet torment! His hands glided sensuously over her upper body as he guided the blouse over her shoulders and down her arms, letting it tangle at the cuffs, effectively trapping her hands behind her as his gaze continued a slow, carnal investigation of its own. Bypassing her bra, he swept his hands over her curves to rest at the juncture of her thighs. He grabbed her mound through her jeans and rubbed, gently at first, then harder, and harder still, until she was twisting and moaning, grinding her pelvis against the pressure of his hand, seeking some relief from the erotic torture he'd created.
Suddenly, he withdrew his hand, causing her to whimper in protest at being denied such pleasant sensations. Then she felt his hands at her waist, undoing the fastenings of her jeans, sliding inside to caress her hips as he worked the fabric down over her curves, baring all except the brief patch of curls hiding her pussy from view.
Running a finger along the inside edge of her thong while the other hand teased the valley between her butt cheeks, he had her body humming at a fevered pitch. Then her eyes shot open as he left her standing there, semi-nude and bereft of his touch, but he'd only put enough space between them to rid himself of his clothes, watching her all the while with an intensity that caused his eyes to resemble rich, malted chocolate.
He stood proud and erect in all his manly glory, and she couldn't take her eyes off him as he strode to the bed, pulling back the covers before returning for her. He swept away the rest of her clothing as he kissed her senseless. Then he picked her up and cradled her in his arms to carry her across the room, laying her down gently before lowering his body to rest beside her.
"You know, this is only the second time we've made love in a bed," he stated as he lay on his side facing her, his head propped on one hand while the other rested leisurely at her waist.
"Yes, I'm well aware of that, so let's get on with it," she teased. Taking his hand and moving it to her breast, she thrilled to his touch as he rubbed and massaged first one, then the other. She delighted in his sudden gasp as she took him firmly in hand to stroke the solid length of him.

More about Lorraine: 

Coming soon from Breathless Press:
Blessed Homecoming, releasing July 13th.
Love on the Rocks, releasing August 10th.
Finding Baby J, September 7th.

Available from Evernight Publishing:
Zakia and the Cowboy, Book 1 in my Thunder Creek Ranch series,
available in ebook form from online retailers, and now available in print. https://www.createspace.com/3831841
Covert Mission: Undercover Cop, Book 2, Thunder Creek Ranch series
Trouble Brewing in Thunder Creek, Book 3, Thunder Creek Ranch series
A Cowgirl's Pride, Book 4, Thunder Creek Ranch series
Hawk's Woman, a western historical short, is my contribution to Evernight's Virgins Behaving Badly anthology.

Book 5 in my series with Evernight, Cameron’s Quest, is in the works. Cameron Manning is part owner of the Thunder Creek Ranch and has returned from his travels abroad. His is a story that includes family secrets, lost love, and murder.
Books 6-10 are hazy, but a distinct possibility.
And then there’s the possibility of: Thunder Creek: The Next Generation.
As long as the characters keep talking and my readers keep wanting more, I’ll keep writing. There is definitely a world of possibilities in Thunder Creek.

I have two self-pubbed Christmas Titles on Amazon:

Coming soon from Ruby Lioness Press:

Bad Boy Blake, releasing November 2nd
Benjamin, The Hudson Brothers, Book 1, part of the Clearwater, WY, series
Gabriel, The Hudson Brothers, Book 2, part of the Clearwater, WY, series
Nathan, The Hudson Brothers, Book 3, part of the Clearwater, WY, series
No release dates as yet for the Hudsons.

Blurbs and excerpts can be found on Lorraine's website, listed below.

Lorraine loves to hear from readers. You can keep up with her releases by visiting the following locations:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lorraine-Nelson/e/B005XMAYFQ/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1
Or email your comments to: lorrainenelson_author@hotmail.com

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  1. Thanks for having me, Lee! Lots of fun!

  2. I have never read Lorraine's work but the book is now on my list of summer read!

  3. Thank you, Yvette! Glad to hear it. Enjoy! :)


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