Tantalizing Tuesday #7 Gettysburg

Welcome to another round of flash fiction on Tantalizing Tuesday! 

Tantalizing Tuesday
June 6, 2011

July 1, 1863

The Captain says all good soldiers know fear. I can't quite believe they are as closely acquainted with it as I am. Fear has been my closest companion. It shadows my every movement. I know its scent intimately...gunpowder and the coppery tint of blood. Fear shares my pallet, dodges my steps on and off the battlefield.
Every time my battalion enters the field of combat, I search the ranks of the Rebel forces, looking for his familiar form. The next shot I fire may endanger him. The next bullet whizzing past my head may be his. The thought of his death makes a coward of me. I would leave this fight today, if I could take him with me.
I cling to my spot on the ridge, not just following orders, but hoping the slight vantage will help me recognize him...God knows why. There can't be any reconciliation...not here, not now.
The best I can hope for is that we survive this terrible war and meet again in peace time. We should have consigned them all to the Devil and headed West. At least then we could have been together, and I wouldn't fear his death by my hand.

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  1. Haunting...very nicely done.

  2. very powerful and perfectly written

  3. so conflicted! I heard stories from world war I, when they were in the trenches. They used to talk with the ennemy when they didn't have to fight, for days. And then, they would received orders to fight and went to kill the ones they talk to the night before.
    I love your stories. My grand father was in these trenches, and it reminds me of him, even if he wasn't in love with another man. Great post Lee, really <3

  4. What an interesting tease. Civil war, between brothers, is the worst kind of all.

  5. So tense,exciting, with fearful danger. Loved it

  6. Really enjoyed this tense, emotive teaser. You balanced the 'duty' with the controlled emotion so very well!

  7. I love the interplay of duty and emotions. Great teaser.

  8. Beautifully written, Lee. Haunting. Wonder how often this scene played out between brothers and fathers and sons... Tragic.

  9. I see them as lovers not siblings and I find it so beautifully sad. I want them to survive and live HEA. This is a story that needs to be told!
    Fantastic Teaser!

  10. This is a specatular beginning to a haunting story in a time riddled by love, guilt, family and duty. The thing we most forget is that most were mere boys, no older than our youngest son. Fear became a welcome companion, reminding them that they still lived, against all odds. Spectacular story, Lee. I cried for their separation and love lost:) xo

  11. Wow! That was a power packed piece. Job well done.

  12. Oh, Lee...shivers. Are you writing this as a story? Please say yes...


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