Crawl in Bed With Hunter & Logan

Crawling Into Bed With
_Hunter James, Logan Carlyle
And a Good Book

Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?
Cotton - 600 thread count, soft and silky. They are the color of the finest gold.

What are they wearing?
Black satin boxers on Hunter and Logan, the more adventurous one, is only wearing his six-pack and a find mat of chest hair.

What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?
Each other. Our book inspires us to act out what we read. And crumbs in bed is just bad manners.

If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?
Ticket stubs from a cruise we took together, a book of all-inclusive get-aways so we can plan our next adventure (we both travel for work), spare keys for the jet ski, an expired credit card, a couple of pens and a rubber band, breath mints, and some spare batteries. (*wiggles eyebrows*)

Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?
I like them pulled up to my ears and Hunter sprawls on the mattress like a beached whale.

Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?
Hunter will let you...he usually lets me. :-)

What are we reading?
Executive Decision by Margie Church.

Blurb: Executive Decision by Margie Church

The prospect of getting caught while having sex is a powerful aphrodisiac for Logan Carlyle. He's viewed as the leader on the sales force, but in bed, he's a submissive all the way.

Hunter James is just as adventurous as Logan. He's lower in the sales ranks, but he's the top when it comes to his relationship with Logan.

When Logan's thrill-seeking desires create chaos with their careers and severs their relationship, Madame Evangeline's expertise is required.

Adult Excerpt:

Logan Carlyle lubed the anal plug, then braced against the narrow stall’s wall while easing the flared toy between his ass cheeks. Perspiration dotted his forehead. His dick reacted instantly. He clenched his jaw tight to swallow a groan. That feels so…damn…good.

When he felt more in control, he pulled up his underwear and fiddled with the fabric to ensure his snug briefs would hold his little toy in place while he walked back to his office. His belt buckle jingled softly as he drew his expensive slacks over his thighs. While washing his hands, he mumbled a few mindless comments to another colleague at the sinks.

But all he could really think about was the hot sex he’d be having within the hour.

The plug created fantastic friction against his prostate, arousing Logan more with every step he took. Hiding his erection while he walked through the busy hallways was always a challenge. A delicious one he looked forward to.

A colleague from marketing stopped him in the hallway. “Do you think Kespers is going to accept another million pounds of Bis-A this year?”

“Cold day in hell, I think.” He answered her with complete aplomb, while his mind did cartwheels over the erotic secret hidden between his ass cheeks.

He closed his office door and hung his suit coat on the hanger. His cock pressed tight against his zipper, and he hoped his lover, Hunter, wouldn’t be delayed. In fifteen minutes, the building would clear out for the day. By then, anticipation would be driving Logan into a sexual frenzy.

He shifted in his seat, trying to ease the pressure in his crotch, but all that accomplished was delivering a zip of pleasure to his ass.

The ticking clock was as torturous to his nerves as a dripping faucet. He wanted to rip the noisy timepiece off the wall and tear the batteries out. He answered a few benign emails and waited. Impatiently.

A soft knock on the door made his stomach lurch.

He glanced at the time. Perfect. He cleared his throat, intending to sound as authoritative as possible. “Come in.”

Margie's website: Romance with SASS


  1. Enjoy yourselves, boys. I'll just hang out over here and take notes. ;-)

  2. Ungh....timelines withstanding - two of my fav authors chatting in bed with Logan and Hunter - what else do I need??? :)

    Yummy....and whatever *grins*

    Hugs to all 4 of you


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