Flash Fiction 1S: The Language of the Fan

Flash Fiction 9/11

The Language of the Fan

Jason held his cheroot to the side and blew a thin stream of blue smoke into the garden. The whiny stringed instruments from the ball couldn't hide the crunch of feet on the path.
"What are you doing out here?" He demanded hoarsely. Trenton would put his huskiness down to the smoke, or maybe the bastard would know it was emotion.
"I wasn't flirting with her."
"I know the language of the fan, My Lord. She wanted you to meet her in the gardens."
"I'm only interested in meeting you." Trenton D'Arcy swung Jason around by the arm. Jase allowed the cheroot to slip from his fingers and stamped it out. His hands landed on Trent's shoulders as the hope of the match making mamas took his mouth in a torrid kiss that left them breathless.
Quickly, he recovered his resentment and pushed Trent away, his prick a hard ache inside his white satin evening breeches. "Damn you! Why do you do this?"
"Because I love you."
He winced at the bald statement. "You should love some dainty demoiselle who can provide you with children and social grace. I can give you nothing."

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  1. Great tease Lee. This may be my favorite of all I've read by you! Excellent imagery and power behind the emotions involved. Loved it!

  2. Oh I simply love it!!! I have a thing for regency stories... And this little teaser needs to be continued if you ask me!

  3. I love it. I love the tension at the same time as the attraction. So much in such a little piece.

  4. In the movie Kitty (1945), Ray Milland teaches Kitty the language of the fan. Delicious scene, but I can see why Jase would be jealous. Love this tease.

  5. Love this flash...you can flash me regency style any day Lee...*bats lashes*

  6. Lovely teaser Lee, l love it when characters try to deny the lust they are obviously feeling!

  7. Fantastic tease and well written. I like the description about his hard-on beneath breeches.

  8. Excellently written teaser. A myriad of emotions captured in so few words. Well done

  9. I don't just like it, I bloody love it!!



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