Scary Movies

Scary Movies I don't watch with the lights off...or alone in the house...

I've never been one for blood and gore- I can't take the sight of a blade slicing through flesh, or any of the other gruesome stock in trade special effects of what passes for horror fiction these days, but I do enjoy being scared....

So in honor of the spirit of the season...Fear not Gore...I give you my favorite horror movies of all time...


1.  The Changeling

This one is a true ghost story. A guy moves into a house with the idea that he can write music and recover from his grief over the loss of his family. It doesn't take long for him to realize he's not alone in the house... This film includes some incredibly chilling scenes without a bit of gore. When that ball bounces down the stairs...my hair stands on end. I never watch this alone, and never watch it at night.

2. Dracula 1931

This is really close to the book, and that's one of the reasons that I really like it. It's spooky and creepy all by virtue of the story and not the gore. Bella Lugosi is a terrifyingly seductive vampire...

3. The Haunting

Like all good movies, this one has been remade. The original is better. Again it's based on a novel, but this time around, I can't recall the book, so I must have been more impressed with the movie. Dr. John Markway leads three others to a sinister mansion with a macabre past. Evil spirits dwell in the house though they aren't seen. The malevolence of the house itself is what terrifies. The spirits target one of the visitors, and scenes of chilling paranormal activity are frequent.

...A chill wind of fear, a ripple of unease that won't make you lose your dinner, and just might make you sigh a little ...okay, maybe my Encounter is more along the lines of Patrick Swayze in Ghost...romantic and sexy...Pick it up today, and I guarantee you'll find my ghost story entertaining...seductive...maybe a little chilling

ENCOUNTER: Ghosts, rockstars, ruthless businessmen...Encounter seduction.

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