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This weekend we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day by offering 

And The Prompt Is for free at ARE 

This is Story Orgy's first official anthology, and contains five fabulous stories by Em Woods, Hank Edwards, Havan Fellows, JR Boyd and myself. 

Here's a bit of my story.... The Old Soda Shop

Former college roommates Matt and Sam have a history. 
Will a chance encounter in the street lead to a second chance at love?


Offerings in hand, he headed across the red brick walkway, grateful once again that the city bylaws forbade motor vehicles on these quaint old streets. The air had a fresh quality that other parts of the city lacked. He walked up to the guy scraping paint, admiring the sheen of sweat on thick muscles and the glint of sunlight on scattered golden hairs.
“Hey,” he ventured. “It’s hot out here. I brought you and your buddy some lunch and a cold drink.”
The man swung around to meet his eyes, and panic flared as he took in the green eyes, golden tan skin, and a face that looked very familiar under it all. The man pulled a rag from his pocket and wiped his brow, squinting at Matt. “Matt?”
Oh, yes, definitely Sam. Matt stepped back a bit, forgetting about the food and drinks he held. “Sam?” He whispered, heart pounding in panic.
“Yeah. It’s me.” Sam seemed as stunned as Matt.

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And The Prompt Is vol. 1 

 Will a chance
encounter in the street lead to a second chance at love?

March 15, 16, 17

Because You're You

How does a good cop find love with a bad boy in trouble?


March 14 to March 18 at AMAZON!

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