Top Five : Songs by Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac

My favorite five from one of rock's most long-lived and successful bands. 

1.  Go Your Own Way
2. Dreams
3. Sara
4. Gypsy 
5. Little Lies 

"I've saved up a thousand kisses, a thousand experiences 
I only want to share with you."

The Man Trap Contemporary M/M Romance 

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  1. I love them so hard. Have since I was little, used to play Rumors endlessly.

    Not sure I could pick only 5 faves. I'd definitely have to start with The Chain, Gold Dust Woman, Beautiful Child, Silver Springs, Landslide.

    No. Tusk. Tusk has to be in there. TUSK!!

    No. I'm So Afraid. No! My Little Demon. No!

    *sigh* I can't pick 5. I'm just going to go plug some tunes in and hear them all. ALL!!! ;D

    ps: Old school Fleetwood Mac... Oh Well is totes the best.

    'kbai *waves and dashes off*


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