Risking It All Gets 4 Stars at scatteredthoughtssandroguewords

Stumbled on this awesome review of Risking It All, Truth or Dare #5 while reading reviews of the Chances Are series the other day. *grins* Rick was a challenge to write, and I'm so glad to see that he is appreciated! 

"I felt Rick had depth to his character and liked how Brazil created a character who is dealing effectively with his past abuse.  Too often we are given stories populated by characters broken by their past, it was a nice change to be given someone who has surmounted his past and we get a glimpse into how he has achieved this remarkable goal.  I found Rick believable, likable, and totally someone I become fond of immediately."

You can read more at the reviewer's blog

The Truth or Dare Series  in Order

Keeping House (m/m)
Telling the Truth (m/m/m)
Giving Up (m/f)
Taking the Dare (m/m)
Risking It All (m/m)
Donovan's Deal  (m/m)

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