Crawl in Bed With Amanda Young

Crawling Into Bed With Amanda Young And a Good Book

Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?
Only the best Egyptian cotton sheets in my house. Silk is nice to the touch, but no good for traction. :D

What are you wearing?
Clothes in bed? Never. You can’t work up any body heat with all those fabrics in the way.

What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?
Hmm… Good question. How about something salty and sweet? I’m thinking a bowl of ripe strawberries and a little chocolate sauce sounds scrumptious. And if the chocolate drips anywhere interesting and needs to be cleaned up, well…that can be our little secret.

If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?
The usual amenities can be found secreted away in my nightstand. A hot pink Nook, a couple of bottles of different kinds of liquids to make things interesting, and roll of antacids for when things get too hot.

Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night? Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?
I kick the covers right off. Since I’m so hot-natured, you’d be more than welcome to snuggle up against me and warm whatever bits need a little heating up.

What are we reading?
My latest novella, Windfall is perfect for a quick evening read before bed. Here’s the blurb and a sneak peek to wet your appetite.

Windfall Blurb:

Landon and Daniel have been best friends since grade school. Through thick and thin, they’ve always been able to rely on each other. So it only seems natural for Landon to step in and offer assistance when Daniel has a run of bad luck.
Moving in together and splitting the bills seems like a simple solution to Daniel’s financial problems. However, sharing close quarters makes it difficult to keep less than platonic feelings on the down low.
The line between friends and lovers blurs during a late night moment of weakness fueled by alcohol, leaving both men on uneven ground. Just when they think they have things worked out and might have a shot at something more than friendship, a sudden shared windfall provokes all new complications that could end more than the new physical side of their relationship.

Excerpt of Windfall:
Daniel had beat off more in the last month since Landon had moved in with him than he had since he’d discovered porn right after hitting puberty. He was going to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in his right wrist if something didn’t give soon.
Otherwise, he loved having Landon around more often. It was so nice to come home and find someone waiting for him after a fruitless day of applying for positions he was either over or under-qualified to get. When Landon was home, they hung out, watched movies, and just generally bullshitted with each other. It was almost like they were teenagers again. Daniel loved it and didn’t want to contemplate what would happen when Landon decided to move out. He’d gotten accustomed to having the house to himself since his mom passed away, but he hadn’t realized how much he missed living with someone until Landon came along to chase away the doldrums.
The only problem was that his unwanted attraction toward Landon had reared its ugly head again and was refusing to be ignored. The more time he spent with his buddy, the more he was tormented with thoughts and feelings he’d rather avoid. Once upon a time, he’d been in love with his best friend. Landon had been all he could think about. Then Landon came out and started going through men faster than he changed socks.
Daniel had been forced to accept the fact that they both wanted very different things out of life. He wanted to find someone to settle down with, maybe even adopt a couple of kids way on down the road. Landon, however, seemed comfortable on his own and only went out in search of men to scratch his itches. A relationship between them would be like mixing oil and water. It just wouldn’t work. Worse, if they tried and failed, it would mean the end of a lifelong friendship Daniel treasured. He couldn’t take that risk.
Not that Landon had ever shown the slightest interest in Daniel that way anyhow.
Daniel shook his head as he stirred a little fresh oregano into the tomato sauce he was preparing. He had to get over his attraction to Landon. Now. Before he fucked up everything.
He turned down the heat under the pot and put the lid on top so the sauce could simmer a bit while he finished up the noodles and cheese toast. Spaghetti was quick and filling and they both liked Italian food. His mom had made sauce from scratch, but Daniel had never gotten the hang of that. He didn’t have the patience. Instead, he bought jars of the stuff from the store and added some green pepper, onions, and a few key spices to make it taste better. The end result was a far cry from his mom’s pasta, but it would suffice. Better than buying canned ravioli and cheaper than going out to eat.
He was just pulling the toast from the oven when the front door rattled open and then slammed closed.
Landon entered the kitchen in baggy gray shorts and a white tank top drenched in sweat from his run. He offered Danny a smile as he pulled the hem of his shirt up to mop moisture from his face. “Something smells good in here and I know it’s not me. Damn, it’s hot out today.”
“You’ve got that right.” Danny laughed. “And you have good timing. Spaghetti’s almost done.”
“Great.” Landon grabbed a glass out of the cabinet and carried it to the fridge. “I’m starving.” He poured himself a glass of sweet tea and took a long drink.
Daniel watched his friend’s Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed and then quickly turned away, mortified at his body’s response to something so innocent. Since when did watching someone take a drink give him wood? He’d like to blame his physical response on some kind of kinky neck fetish, but the truth wasn’t so simple. These days Landon could sneeze and Daniel’s trouser pup would sit up and beg.
Landon’s glass clanked as he set it on the table. “Is there time for me to jump in the shower before we eat?”
“Sure. Go ahead.” Dinner would keep for a few minutes and the time would give Daniel a chance to cool his jets. Landon should have looked gross dripping with sweat, his black hair damn near matted to his head, but Daniel’s libido didn’t mind one bit. Hell, if anything the perspiration was a turn-on. It made Daniel think of all the ways they could work up some good steam together.
“Thanks. I’ll be quick.” Landon rushed from the room.
A second later, Daniel heard the hot water heart chug into action as the water was turned on in the bathroom. He did not think about what Landon must look like in the shower, with hot fluid pouring down over his taut, overheated flesh. Concentrating on washing up a few of the pots and pans he’d used to make dinner took all of his focus.
All too soon, Landon returned to the kitchen dressed in a pair of loose white drawstring pants. “Is there anything left I can help with?”
“Everything’s done.” Daniel set the pot he’d just rinsed in the drainer by the sink. He grabbed bowls out of the cabinet and set to work filling them. “I just have to dish it up. You can put the toast on plates if you want, though.”
“All right.” Landon moved around Daniel, taking out two plates and getting the toast off the cookie sheet. “Is everything okay?”
“Sure.” Daniel shrugged. “Why wouldn’t it be?”
“Just asking.”
“Oh.” Daniel set their bowls on the table, pulled out his chair, and took a seat. “Well, everything is fine. Same shit, different day. You know how it is.”
“Yeah, I do. Things will get better, man. You’ll see.” Landon followed suit, sitting across from Daniel. “Thanks for cooking dinner.”
“It wasn’t any trouble.” He liked cooking now that it wasn’t just him around to eat. Cooking for one sucked.
“Did you have any luck today?”
“No. Not really.” Nowhere was hiring. He’d even broken down and hit the local restaurants, thinking someone must need kitchen help, but apparently everyone was fully staffed at the moment. “I did apply at a few of the temporary agencies. They said they’d call if anything came in that I was qualified to do.”
“That’s good.” Landon nodded and offered a smile around a mouthful of noodles. He swallowed and took a sip of his drink. “I’m sure you’ll be getting a call any day now.”
“Yeah.” Daniel tucked into his food, not wanting to discuss his employment status. He was tired of listening to himself complain about it, so he could only imagine how Landon felt hearing the same broken record replay time and again.
They ate in companionable silence until Landon let out a long groan and pushed his empty bowl away. “Oh man. I’m stuffed. I should have ate a little slower.”
“You think?” Daniel laughed. “You just huffed down two slices of toast and a bowl of spaghetti in under five minutes.”
“Hey, now… I couldn’t help myself. It was good.”
“Not that good.” Daniel finished off his own helping and used his last piece of toast to soak up the tomato sauce.
“Better than anything I can make. I’d have moved in sooner if I’d known you were going to feed me like this.”
Something about knowing he’d satisfied Landon in some small way appealed to Daniel. “I hate to think what you’ve been eating if you think this is gourmet cooking.”
“If you can deep fry it or microwave it, I’m your man. Otherwise, I’m clueless.” Landon pushed back his chair and rose to his feet. “However, I can help out by doing the dishes.”
“You don’t have to. I’ve already cleaned most of them.”
“It’s no biggie, Danny. Hell, it’s the least I can do since you cooked. It’s not like I have anything else pressing to do until I have to be at work later.”
“Suit yourself. I think I’m going to grab a quick shower and change before I flop on the couch for the evening.” His scintillating night was going to consist of watching brain-numbing television and feeling sorry for himself.
“As exciting as that sounds…” Landon spoke as he gathered up the plates and cups and carried them over to the sink. “Why don’t you skip the prime-time lineup on cable and come hang out at the club? You can sit at the bar and keep me company. We can make fun of the drunks like we used to before Perry came along and started sucking up all your free time.”
“I don’t think so,” Daniel said, his gut clenching at the mention of his ex. As many times as they’d broken up and gotten back together, it was really over for good this time. While he couldn’t say he was heartbroken over the loss, he did miss Perry. The other man was fun to hang out with when things were good between them, and the sex… God, Daniel missed the sex. Jacking off was a poor substitute for a lover. “You’ll be busy and I don’t really have the money to spend on going out.”
“Come on, buddy. It’ll be my treat.” Landon moved behind Daniel and palmed his shoulders, rubbing and kneading. “You need to get out of the house.”
Daniel wanted to melt into a puddle of goo beneath Landon’s persuasive hands. His muscles warmed and softened, relaxing under the firm massaging caresses. He closed his eyes and leaned back into Landon’s touch, enjoying the contact while it lasted. What he wouldn’t give to have Landon touch him and mean it… He could imagine how much better things would feel if Landon’s intent was to work Daniel up into a frenzy of lust before pouncing on him and dragging him off to bed where they would strip down and continue to touch each other all over until nothing but making love would satisfy their needs. Daniel would force Landon onto his hands and knees and eat his ass until he was begging and pleading for more, then…
“Well? What do you think?” Landon’s hands stilled on Daniel’s shoulders.
“Huh?” Daniel leaned his head back and blinked up at Landon.
“Was I putting you to sleep?” Landon smile down at him. “What do you think about coming down to the bar?”
“I…um…” Daniel shook his head, trying to dislodge the fantasy that had taken root there. “I don’t think so, Landon. Another time maybe.”
Landon frowned and released his hold on Daniel. “All right, then. If you change your mind, the offer stands.”
“Thanks anyway,” Daniel said. Although he hated to disappoint his friend, he couldn’t stomach the thought of sitting idly by all evening while Landon flirted with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Landon was young, single, and on the prowl for fun. He was welcome to do what he liked. Daniel wanted Landon to be happy. However, that didn’t mean Daniel wanted a ringside view of whoever the flavor of the night turned out to be. He could barely stomach listening to Landon go on and on about all of his hookups. He didn’t need a live preview of the coming attractions. He knew he was being stupid. He didn’t have the right to be jealous. He never had. They’d never been more than friends. His feelings on the matter wouldn’t listen to reason. Whether Landon was his or not didn’t seem to matter to his stubborn heart.

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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog, Lee. :D

  2. Amanda, just read the excerpt for Windfall and had to buy it. Thanks for enticing me! And thanks, Lee, for featuring Amanda :-)

  3. Thanks so much, Hunter. I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Looks like a delicious read... my kindle is hungry lol
    Hugs, Z.


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