Top Five :Ghostly Songs

Good morning friends and readers! Got some fabulous hot coffee going here, and workign on a few special treats for Halloween. I'm not going to be too specific, but you might find a treat if you remember to stop in over here on October 30- 31!

Got a lot of work to do, so without further ado,

here's my Top Five Country Ghost songs... Who knew? 

1.  The Legend of Wooley Swamp - Charlie Daniels Band

2.  The Ride - David Allan Coe

3.  Riding with Private Malone - David Ball

4.  Phantom 309 - Red Sovine

5.  Ghost Riders in the Sky - Johnny Cash

Want a bit of seasonal reading to accompany your music?


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 A nervous wannabe actor slips away to steal a smoke at an audition and finds more relaxation than he expected. 

A Ghostly Story for the Season 

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