Odd Man Out Hits It at ARE!

Thrilled to announce that Odd Man Out
the finale of the Pulp Friction 2013 event, 

has hit the best seller lists! 

It's debuted on the ARE list at #25 today- that's sitewide! 

Commemorating the moment with a feeble crop and paste
 (Hey, even that much is stretching
my tech ability!)


Chance Dumont. Marcus Prater. Zachary Carmichael. Wick Templeton. Friends through circumstance, brothers by choice.

After facing off with his personal demons, Wick shuts down, but he never anticipated how his impulsive off-the-grid vacation would affect the rest of his chosen brothers. No one can hurt you like someone you love.

Before they have time to work things out, the serial killer who has been targeting Atlanta’s gay community strikes close to home. Again. It’s enough to cause an all-hands meeting at Chances Are. But when one of the brothers fails to show, it becomes clear that the close connection the men have to the murder victims is no coincidence.

They've got the smarts, the weapons, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to find their missing brother—before it’s too late. What brought them together in the first place may just be that which tears them apart forever.

Four authors. Twenty books. One explosive finale.

Also available at Amazon and other ebook vendors. 

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