Regency Romances on Tour #mmromance #blogtour #giveaway


Hey there! I'm heading out on tour. Courtesy of Will Parkinson and the fabulous Pride Promotions, every Tuesday for the next two months you'll find me hanging with the cool kids and sharing...probably over sharing... stuff. I can't be more specific yet, because I don't know exactly what they're asking of me.

I promise to be congenial, and you'll have ample opportunity to win a $25 All Romance Gift Card.

Here's the schedule:

Tour Dates/Stops:

And the give away link


  1. Love all kinds of romance but historical/regency is one of my favorites, I love the old time feel, the past revisited

  2. I like the element of losing everything in a regency romance. Family, friends, titles, home, and money. The way of speaking, dressing just the whole package.


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