New Release: The Ice King Already a Best Seller! #mmromance #flirtwithme #breathlesspress

Hey all! Happy to announce that my latest release with Breathless Press will be out on January 30th. It's already hit the best seller list at All Romance at #46 and earned a Best Seller Star- silver.

I can't tell you how that shakes down in numbers sold, but I must say that it really does an author's ego good to see.


CPA Rafe Montaigne's day is heading downhill fast and he hasn't even had a decent cup of coffee yet. What could make it worse? A secretary in a snit.

Elian is efficient, attractive and cold as ice toward his boss, and he has been since Rafe's ex stopped by the office. Rafe is a sophisticated player, a businessman who knows how to have fun and he's not particular about whether his playmates are male or female.

It seems Elian isn't quite so indiscriminate… What's a boss to do when his secretary won't play nice?

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