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Crawling Into Bed With Karen Stivali
And a Good Book

Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?
They’re cotton and they’re t-shirt sheets. I believe everything in a bedroom should be as inviting, soft and touchable as possible. Okay, maybe not everything should be soft…
*facepalm* Why did Will not warn me about this? What are you wearing?
Did you want me to wear something? I can go get dressed…
*sighs patiently* Just… Pull that sheet up over your… Yeah, that. What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight? There are tons of blankets on the bed so even though it’s cold out it’s nice and warm in here---I’d say ice cream. You can choose the flavor. Just no rum raisin, please.  *blech*
You know, I've never actually seen rum raisin ice cream in a store? I'm good with most flavors, but I get a kick out of a little salt, so let's sprinkle that with some Spanish peanuts and drizzle it with chocolate sauce… mmm. If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?
That’s my night stand so you’d find books, pens, lotion (I love a good foot rub), lip balm, notes from all of my novels and several that aren’t written, probably a bit of candy (unless I ate it all the night before) and Ambien (I’ve got terrible insomnia). You might want to peek in the other night stand as well. *whistles*
*eyes other drawer* Oh really? Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?
Depends on the season. It’s often below zero in the winter up here in NH so then I’m in burrito mode but the summers are hot and humid and I often don’t use covers at all. It also varies depending how hot the other person in bed is. Take that however you wish.
*blinks* Probably better if I just… er leave it as is. Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?
You could try but it’s pretty chilly in NH right now. My calves might chill your cold feet even more. I tend to be freezing when I first get into bed. I heat up later.
What are we reading? 

Moment of Truth

Moments in Time #2
Release Date: March 4, 2015
Author Name: Karen Stivali
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Anna Sikorska

Collin expected to spend another summer fixing cars and working at the college pizzeria. Instead, he's living in a beach house on Fire Island, waiting tables at a hip seaside restaurant and, for the first time since he and Tanner got together, they can publicly be known as boyfriends. Being "out" takes some getting used to, but with the help of new and old friends, Collin is happier than he ever imagined. And more in love. But newfound freedom brings unexpected challenges, and when friends get flirty, old insecurities arise. Moments of doubt and jealousy threaten their happiness, and Collin and Tanner must confront the truth or risk losing it all. 

His smile twitched as he started up the next staircase. The last one. The one that led to our room and nowhere else. My hearth hammered hard and fast, and not from stair climbing. I needed to touch Tanner, soon, or every part of my body from my brain to my balls was going to simultaneously combust.
Tanner pushed our door open with exaggerated care and stepped inside. Jesus, is he trying to make me crazy? All I want is to….
My back slammed against the wall, and before I could complete my thought, Tanner’s mouth was on mine. The kiss was savage, tongue hot and heavy against mine, cock hot and heavy against mine. Even through our shorts, I could feel how ready he was. My head swam.
Desperate for more, I grabbed on to him, rolling us toward the door and kicking it shut. Tanner let out a grunt as I pressed him against the hard wood. Could anyone hear us? I didn’t care. I just needed this. Tanner. Now.
As soon as I shoved his T-shirt up his ribs, he yanked it off and tossed it aside. Warm smooth skin greeted my fingertips, filling my nose with his scent. God, I missed this. My mouth returned to his, tongues dueling as my hands fumbled with his fly. I couldn’t stop rubbing against him enough to get the zipper down. Tanner grabbed my ass, crushing his cock alongside mine, humping against me with enough intensity I had to force myself not to come.
I didn’t want that. Not yet. Not standing against the door when that crazy big bed was only feet away. As if he read my mind, Tanner shoved me backward, taking advantage of the moment our bodies parted to strip off his shorts. I tugged off my shirt, and before I could launch it across the room, Tanner had my shorts undone and down. Kicking them away put me off-balance, and Tanner steadied me with one hand clutching the back of my neck and the other wrapped around my cock.
Whimpers echoed through the room. My whimpers. His thumb slicked over my swollen head, round and round in circles that left me dizzy and panting.
“Let’s try out the bed.” Tanner’s voice was low and thick. I’d have said yes to anything he asked with that voice.
I couldn’t actually say a word, so I nodded and pulled us down onto the mattress. Holy Jesus. Soft cool sheets, warm hard body, wet velvety tongue. Heaven. Fire Island was heaven.

Author Bio: Karen Stivali is a prolific writer, compulsive baker and chocoholic with a penchant for books, movies, and fictional British men. She's also the multiple award-winning author of contemporary and erotic romances. She writes novels about love...like real life, only hotter.
Karen's lifelong fascination with people has led her to careers ranging from hand-drawn animator, to party planner, to marriage and family counselor, but writing has always been her passion. Karen enjoys nothing more than following her characters on their journey toward love. Whether the couples are m/f or m/m, it’s guaranteed that Karen's novels are filled with food, friendship, love, and smoking hot sex—all the best things in life.
When Karen isn’t writing (and often when she is), she can be found on Twitter attempting witty banter and detailing the antics of her fruit-loving cat, BadKitteh. She loves to hear from readers (and other writers), so don't hesitate to contact/follow/like her at the links below.

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  1. The moment that changed my life was when after 4 years of terrible back pain I finally found out what was wrong. It wasn't great but at least I knew why I was in so much pain.

  2. the moment that changed my life was when a disc in my back slipped nearly severing my nerve in my hip sounds bad but if that hadn't happened I'd never started writing or reading as much.


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