MM Romance on #sale at Breathless Press! #sexy #bargain #stockupnow

Good morning friends and readers! 
Just wanted to drop a bit of a note to let you all know that 
my works with Breathless Press are all on sale for the month of March. Check below for a list of titles available.  

Sale Prices ranging from 74¢ to $2.24 

A Gentleman Never Does (Regency M/M, short story) 
Donovan's Deal (M/M Contemporary, Truth or Dare #6 featuring Mischa and Donovan)
Holidays With Jacob (m/m contemporary)
It's Simple, Simon (m/m contemporary)
Loving Eden (m/m contemporary)
Mark's Opening Gambit (m/m contemporary)
Risking It All (m/m contemporary, Truth or Dare #5)
Saint's Curse (m/m paranormal)
Setting the Trap (m/m/m contemporary, twincest, taboo)
Temptation (m/m/m contemporary)
The Accident (m/m contemporary, short story)
The Ice King (m/m contemporary, FLIRT size, )
The Man Trap (m/m contemporary)
Trapping Drake (m/m/m contemporary, twincest, taboo)
Truth Deeper Than Logic (m/m paranormal)
Willow (m/m contemporary)

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