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Announcing the Release of 

The Fencing Master 

A Rake in London #6

A Regency M/M Serial
Being A Recounting of the Amorous Adventures of Baron Stephenson and His Valet

  The Fencing Master

In the wake of a few rather unsettling days, Gavin, Baron Stephenson is in dire need of distraction. Despite Gavin's refusal to see him, the hapless but handsome Bernard St. John sends round daily missives and tawdry gifts. His heretofore perfect secretary has begun to act like a bedlamite, flushing and stammering and refusing to meet Gavin’s eyes.

That part Gavin can reason out for himself. Clearly, Marcus seduced the fellow and the bloody idiot was embarrassed.

Fortunately for the dashing Baron, an émigré from France has established a new fencing salon in town.   

Unfortunately for the fencing master, neither Marcus nor Gavin are in the mood to forgive trespasses.


The lesson had been all that he hoped. Guillaume’s speed and agility forced Gavin to keep his mind on the activity and away from the distractions that had caused his restlessness. He’d been disappointed, especially after seeing the blood flecking the duke’s shirt, to discover that the fencing master refused to teach his “secret method” to anyone until after a few lessons.
Apparently the Duke had so impressed the master with his skill and control that he’d been made an exception on his second visit.
Gavin wasn’t certain he cared enough to make a second visit, let alone three, four, or however many it took for Guillaume to judge his abilities and style.
For today, he was pleasantly exhausted from the strenuous effort, his limbs sweetly liquid, and his mind at peace. That was enough. He entered the dressing room and found it deserted. His attire had been laid out, his cases stood at the ready to receive his equipment.
“Damn you, Marcus.” In all the thrill of the exercise, he’d managed to forget that he’d thoroughly roused his valet’s ire before entering the fencing salon. Resigned, he placed his foil in its case before stripping off his shirt.
A commotion of some sort drew his attention to the hallway, and he considered stepping out shirtless to see what had occurred, when the door to the dressing room banged open and Marcus stalked inside, one big hand wrapped around the French fencing master’s neck, apparently squeezing quite fiercely if the fellow’s complexion was anything to judge by.
Marcus kicked the door shut behind them and shook the Frenchman like one would a badly behaved puppy. “And see, my lord? See what I find?”
Gavin paused with his hands at the waist of his fencing breeches. He quirked a brow, humor suddenly restored. “Ah…it would seem you’ve found a fencing master.” He smiled, a practiced expression that he intended to convey a bit of cynicism, a touch of ennui, and a lot of mystery.
“A peeper. That’s what I’ve found.” Marcus threw the stoic-faced Frenchman forward, and the man stumbled into the center of the room, coming to a halt before he collided with Gavin, much to Gavin’s disappointment. 

Other Titles in This Series: 

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WARNING: This 5,000 word short story, the second in a series detailing the amorous adventurous of a Rake of the London aristocracy, contains a touch of dishonor, a smattering of blackmail, a healthy dose of homoerotica, and a not so innocent victim.

#3   A Visit to His Tailor
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WARNING: This Regency era short story contains homoerotic sex acts, sounding, voyeurism and just a touch of yearning for a different world.

#4   An Engagement at the Theater
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WARNING: This 4800 word story is the fourth in a series of Regency era m/m erotic shorts detailing the amorous adventures Baron Gavin Stephenson and his friends. It contains scenes of consensual homo-erotic sex, including anal intercourse in a public venue.

 #5   Servant at Play
The morning after Gavin, Baron Stephenson, returns from his evening at the theater, troubled and unusually reticent, his valet and lover, Marcus, decides to let sleeping lords lie abed while he pursues other sport.
Nicodemus Martins, the enticing but apparently oblivious secretary is arriving to deal with his master's business affairs, and despite the man's consistent refusal to recognize his flirtations, Marcus is determined to press his suit and brook no resistance to his seduction.
WARNING: This tale of regency m/m seduction contains dubious consent, a prissy secretary, and a hint of trouble to come

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