Have the witch's potions been effective? #flashfiction #mmromance #500words

This picture crossed my newsfeed on Pinterest... I was hooked. I'm sure he's a fabulous model, but I think he'd make an even better wizard. Combine that with Love Potion #9, which I could not get out of my head, and... 
Here you are. A bit of a flash to go with your cup of coffee today. 
                   The Wizard of Gorham Alley
“You again?” Hair tickled its way across his shoulder as Raven tipped his head and surveyed the man blocking his doorway. “Sorry, I’m all out of eel’s tongue. You’ll have to face the taverns on your own.”
“That’s not what I’m here for.” Seth Goran entered the shop, with a swift, cautious backward glance before closing the door. Snick. The deadbolt shot home.
Raven’s brows rose. He removed his hat and replaced on the peg beside the apothecary cabinet. Crossing his arms, he leaned on the work table, waiting.
To his amusement, Seth pulled down the moonshade over the shop’s round window, even flipped back the curtain that led to Raven’s tiny living quarters.
“Can I help you?” He’d had enough of Seth’s odd behavior. “What are you doing?”
“Making sure we’re alone.” The heavy black velvet curtain fell into place as Seth turned to Raven, his expression intent, gaze hot.
Oxygen vanished from the room. Raven’s throat tightened, his mouth dried. His heart pounded a frantic rhythm. “Seth…” Fear tingled his fingertips; power buzzed at the base of his skull with no outlet, no ingredients to push it into.
Seth stalked forward. Raven shrank back until the apothecary cabinet was a flat line at his back.   A hanging bunch dried lavender caught in his hair. Still Seth crowded closer, until Raven heard the golden god’s heart beat over his own. The heat of the swordsman’s body engulfed Raven…
His cock stiffened, mind scrambled. “I…” Fear, inadequate at quenching the flames Seth aroused, made him stutter. “I…”
“I’ve come here every Friday for how long?” Seth bent closer, making Raven feel small.
“S...six weeks.” He’d grown to anticipate and dread the man’s visits. “Six potions…” He never believed this man needed the love potions he demanded, but Grandmother taught him to give the customer what they wanted, be it a love potion for the handsomest man in the garrison, or a beauty cream for the fairest maiden in the kingdom.
Give them what they ask for, because sometimes all they really need is confidence.
“That’s right.” Seth stood so close his breath stirred the strands of Raven’s hair, scalding his ear. “And in six weeks… you haven’t wondered if those potions were effective?”
“I…” A wet, hot tongue licked its way over his cheek. Hot breath seared his parted lips.
Seth seized upon his his vulnerability, stole a kiss that found its way straight to Raven’s soul. The attraction he’d fought exploded; he was fully hard, throbbing with need for release before Seth’s mouth retreated.
“But… I didn’t really need them to, did I?” Seth murmured, sliding his fingers through Raven’s hair, tipping his head up and peering into his eyes.
Raven blinked, “No?” Good thing too, because the tincture of eel tongue and onion with raw sugar and herbs wasn’t good for much more than a nourishing broth. “Surely you’ve guessed by now that the potion was an excuse?”
“Do I still need it?”

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