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Good morning everyone! Hope this fine Thursday morning finds you all well and cool! *sips coffee* It's comfortably overcast here, so no unbearable heat today. Ooh… and this coffee? It's the bomb. I used my homemade pumpkin spice coffee creamer, and ooh whee! I may never buy the stuff again. This is amazing.

I'm celebrating the release of another French translation, La vieille buvette (The Old Soda Shop). Cover art is a sexy piece of work by Startled Monkeys Media, editing and translation by Jade Baiser and Valarie Dubar of Juno translations. .

Today there's more words to be written on At the Heart of Christmas and Mum's the Word. Wanna know a weird mummification fact? King Tut's penis was mummified erect.  That's weird all right. I remember when I was a kid back in the seventies and Tut first came to the US. No one said anything about Tut's penis. Just awe and amazement over the gold and artifacts. I might have been more excited to see the exhibit if someone had mentioned the mummified erection.

Finished up the Walking Dead. What a way to end season four, huh? Locked in a rail car, facing an uncertain future. And whatever happened to Beth? Who's gonna babysit Judith now? We all got jobs to do, and that was hers.

I think that just might be one of my favorite lines from the show.

We all got jobs to do.

And speaking of jobs, there's words to be put on the page here. Still working happily away on At the Heart of Christmas and Mum's the word. 

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Okay- *turns up the music* Sweet! Today we have Fly by Night by Rush. Love this song *spins chair*  Have a great day everyone.  

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