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Good morning everyone! *sips coffee* It's another gorgeous summer day here, and I got to tell you, the sunrise this morning was stellar! We had thunder and lightning overnight, which in addition to keeping the dog up, probably helped cool things off for this morning.

Yesterday was my official Keeping House Blog Tour, but the giveaway lasts all week. You can go HERE  to see a complete list of tour stops and find the raffle copter for the giveaway.

Today's email sweetened my coffee quite nicely as it provided links to several lovely reviews for Keeping House and one for Dead Man's Hand, my last Pulp Friction book. With comments like these, how can an author not head to the keyboard smiling?

"Augh! I gotta know what happens in this series!" Molly Lolly 

This was such a lovely, fast-paced, feel-good story. *happy sigh* … Definitely a story that I will read again sometime. Bayou Book Junkie 

I've been watching The Walking Dead, as you know, and I keep playing Walking Dead games in the back of my head. This weekend's puzzler: You have to leave your home because it's overrun by zombies. You can only bring what you can carry. Assume you have a backpack. What ten things would you carry with you?

My current list is as follows: clean socks and underwear, water bottle, trail mix, tuna, a coat, a sleeping bag, a shovel, notebook and pen.

Then I think, "Duh, first aid?"

And I start all over again. What do I HAVE to have, and what can I do without? (Does a first aid kit count as one item or ten all by itself?)

Yes, I have better things to do.

Today's projects include work on both Mum's the Word and At the Heart of Christmas. Plus many little tasks that managed to slip by me yesterday. For instance, I have to do a 777 on Facebook. Both Laura Harner and Havan Fellows have tagged me, and if I don't get on it, there won't be anyone left to tag. *grins* *sips coffee* What comes around…

Oooh. Music for the day, some 80's hairbands. Cued: Ratt, and Poison

 Okay- *cracks knuckles* wading into the work is the only way to get it done! Y'all have a great day.

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