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Good afternoon everyone. *sips coffee* Hope Friday finds you well. It finds me reluctant to do much this Friday. LOL. However, I am still plugging away at Mum's the Word, trying to get Izzy, Owen and the Professor out of the trouble I left them in. Look for posts on the blog next week.

In other news, Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words wants to go bump in the night with you… us… er… someone! 
It's such an honor to be listed, but I have to confess, it's not the first time I've been considered scary. That's right. In my former life as an English teacher, I terrified many an incoming student! Somehow, this feels more like an honor though.
Speaking of honors, Gloria at Paranormal Romance Guild had some kind words and 5 stars for Dead Money, book 5 in my Jack of Spades series. Check that review out HERE

And way off topic… I was so happy to see these science/history articles in the news recently! Can you imagine discovering Jefferson's chemistry lab?  I'd love to make a pilgrimage to see that on my next trip east. Doesn't just inspire you to write about secret rooms and hidden treasures?

And… Top Chef. I am sooo disappointed that it didn't start in October, but the new season comes around in Dec. This is when I really, really love my Amazon Prime membership. Because without cable I can get the TC season episode by episode for a small fee. Can't wait to see who's cooking this year. I loved last year's contestants, especially Gregory. He was awesome.

Okay… enough coffee break. Back to work. You all have an awesome weekend.

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