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Good morning friends and readers! *sips coffee* Ahhh. That's the way I like it. How're you all doing this rocking, awesome fall morning? I'm rejuvenated. Because... Well, there's no other way for a former teacher to say it than I played hooky yesterday. Enjoyed the mild weather and the gorgeous fall color. 

This morning, I want to share with you one of my daily rituals. Triberr. It's #4 on my list of must do's. 
1. Coffee. 
2. Email. 
3. Facebook. 
4. Triberr. 

The list goes on after that, but you don't need to know about those things… not yet anyway.

Today, Triberr is bugging me. Just have to get this off my mind. So, if you could excuse or skip the mini rant, I'd appreciate it.

Do you Triberr? If you don't, Triberr is a post sharing network thingy for bloggers. We join tribes, Triberr gathers posts from our Rss feeds, and puts them in a list for us to all share on Twitter or Facebook. I tweet mine. Because, well, I'm not really tweeting much of anything else, right? Right. So...
The system is simple. I share, you share, we all share and the word gets out to many, many more people.
There's some people that don't share. But that's okay, because Triberr has made it easy for you to find those who don't share, and mute them so they don't show up in your feed anymore. I like that. Because while I enjoy sharing, I prefer to share for those who are sharing my posts. I think I owe it to them, right?
That's easy enough. After a few days of muting people who share 0 posts a week, I'm down to a manageable feed.
Except that Triberr can't seem to manage the feed.
This morning I had seven posts.
Six more show up, some duplicated from before, some newer.
You'd think they could figure out a way to get all posts in one stream, and eliminate posts from the stream after they've been shared.
And yes, I may need another cup of coffee... or two.

Seriously. If you don't triberr, give it a shot. Look me up over there and we can share...

Now then, I feel better. Not just because I got more coffee, either. Well, okay. The coffee helps, a lot.

I was over at All Romance this morning, kicking it and checking on my latest releases-- 
Did you get your copy of A Man of Unusual Talent? Are you following Pulp Friction?
Was that a subtle enough inclusion of the promotional material? Sorry about that.

Anyway, I was there, and I hit the Discount Books linkThere's a great selection of M/M over there for 99 cents. So, I picked up a few for reading after I get my work done today. Bloom Box by Cate Ashwood and The Truth as He Knows It by AM Arthur. 

Speaking of discounts, since it's Halloween soon and all, I'm currently offering Heart of Clay, the story of two men in love and the ghost who wants them together, for only $1 at All Romance. 

Bobby isn’t pleased with his cousin or his ex. Their refusal to let go of the past has kept him on a plane where he doesn’t belong and isn’t at home. He’s expended all his energy trying to get through to Brad, without success, but Clay’s return finally gives him a foot in the door…or out the door.

If he could just get the two stubborn men together.

Just a final reminder, don't forget to enter the rafflecopter drawing in the sidebar. There's a few more day and two $10 gift cards up for grabs. I'm going to get to work because I want to read my new books. Y'all have a great day. 

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