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Good morning friends and readers!

Lovely chill morning today in Southern Illinois. No snow on the ground, no leaves on the trees. It's a bit overcast right now, but there's the promise of sunshine later in the day, so hang in here with me, would you? I do need my sun! *sips coffee* Ah, that's like sunshine in a cup, right there.

What's new here?
Coming December 11th
Well, I've finally gotten around to updating the coming soon page over THERE. Lots of awesomeness coming in the New Year. This year, for December I still have a compilation of Truth or Dare stories coming out. I'm working on the formatting and everything right now, but you can expect Truth or Dare volume #1 to be available by the weekend. 

Current writing projects are the third Parkerburg book with Havan Fellows, still in need of a title. Let me just tell you, we wrote some seriously hot stuff this weekend. Whew. You just wait. You're going to love it. And I'm working on Urbex again. I sort of started this one about a year ago, and have planned to release it at various times throughout the past year, but I just haven't been happy with it. The words are flowing once more, and that's a good thing. It's currently in the January 2016 slot, so there's some added incentive.

Oh, and I'm updating the Free Reads page of my blog. I've got Free Reads at All Romance, Smashwords, Barnes and Nobles, and iTunes I think. Added some new freebies last week and so I'm gathering those links for everyone. Hoping to get that updated by the weekend. Of course, it's going to be an ongoing challenge keeping it up to date. I shall persevere.

My house is ringing with Christmas cheer. We've got the tree up, the outside lights done, and our favorite holiday music playing night and day. I've got a mountain of gifts to wrap, but my shopping is nearly all done. 

 So, I'll leave you with this,  Dig thatCrazy Santa Clause by Brian Setzer and try to get some words down this morning.
Have a great day!

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