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Good morning friends and readers! *sips coffee* It's been a very busy long weekend for us here in the countryside. First of all, it got cold as f***, and then it snowed. Winter is later arriving, but has arrived with a determination to make itself felt. I am huddled in my kitchen office, heater blasting by my feet, bundled in warmies awaiting more snow. Prediction is up to three inches today. Three inches doesn’t sound intimidating, but it's cause to stay home, believe me.

This weekend we published a couple of short stories as free reads at All Romance and Smashwords. These were both previously published stories, and I really wanted to get them back out to readers as freebies in appreciation of all the support that you've given me over the years. The response has been overwhelming! Thank you so much to all of the readers who downloaded Nothing to Forgive and The Captain's Cabin this weekend. Both have earned Silver Best Seller Stars at All Romance ebooks.

Nothing to Forgive  is a best seller in three categories: Drama, Contemporary and Gay, and TheCaptain's Cabin also earned Silver Stars for Gay Erotica and Historical Erotica. 
Altogether, both stories were downloaded over 150 times at ARe and nearly 400 times at Smashwords this weekend.

Thank you again!

Update to my work schedule, I have delayed publication of Urbex to hopefully the end of February or mid March. The words just aren't there for the story right now, and I just can't seem to force it. Meanwhile, I'm working on installment #7 of the A Rake in London series. This one follows The Fencing Master, wherein our heroes learned of some disturbing rumors being spread amongst the ton. Those rumors come to the fore in the next episode, entitled The Cut Direct. That's due out on February 1st. Then, I'm working on the second Linwood Academy book, due at the end of March. Look for a re-release of It's Simple, Simon at the end of February, and a special Valentine edition of The Park and Sunrise and Because You're You on February 1st.

Whoa. That's a lot of work to get done! Guess I'd better get cracking then, hm? I'd post a song for you, but I'm in musical mourning. I've been missing David Bowie and now Glenn Frye has passed as well. 2016 is starting out as a tough year for music.

But then there's this. In which we all realize that copy editors are people too.

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