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Good morning friends! *sips coffee* Well, I suppose that afternoon would be more accurate, but seriously, I slept in until ten so I am still functioning in "morning mode" for a few more hours. Received email from Will @PridePromotions this morning. Rafflecopter has designated the winner for The Hearts of Parkerburg Tour.

Congratulations go out to Veronica, who was chosen as the winner from over FIVE THOUSAND entries. Veronica will be receiving a fabulous Kindle Fire (No kidding, they really are fabulous! I've had one for several years now and I still love it.) and a selection of books from Havan and me. Congratulations again Veronica! Hope you love the Kindle Fire as much as I do.

Thank you again to Havan, Will & Paul, and all the bloggers who made this tour so wonderful. You all rock.

In other news, Havan and I finally finished the third Hearts of Parkerburg book, which is STILL in dire need of a name as we send it to the editor today. Perhaps she'll have a suggestion. LOL. That is still tentatively scheduled for release on February 14, if all goes according to plan. I'll be honest and admit that so far, it has not.

This week's urgent projects are the new Free Reads- well, they aren't all that new. The Captain's Cabin is a re-release of a short erotic piece of flash fiction that was published in an anthology by Breathless Press, and Nothing to Forgive was released by Breathless Press as a free read in honor of their birthday a few years ago. Those are both due to be released again on the 15th, Friday this week. Still working on the formatting and covers for those.

Also, FYI: my holiday compilation, Season's Greetings, will no longer be available after Friday, January 15th. This was a limited time offer in honor of the season. If you haven't yet gotten your copy, now's the time. You can pick it up at AmazonAll Romance, or Smashwords until Friday night. 

In conclusion, I have discovered an abundance of new margaritas, which makes me happy. Except for this one. It kind of gave me a few moments of hesitation. The Lavender Margarita appears to be a lovely shade of purple, but I confess to having grave concerns. I like the scent of lavender, it reminds me of my grandmother. The flavor though? I'm pretty sure it would taste like you were eating flowers… or soap. Or drinking perfume… Then I read the recipe and it actually sounds delicious. So, the Lavender Margarita is on my list of cocktails to make this month.

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