Crawl in Bed With Hank Edwards and a Good Book

*crawls across the bed* Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?
Actually, they are bamboo sheets. I love them. Very soft and good for the environment.

Yes, I see... very comfortable. What are you wearing?
An XL V-neck T shirt and boxers. And you?

I'm wearing black and white plaid flannel sleep pants and a black tank, I like soft, comfortable, and warm. What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?
I don't usually snack in bed, but since you're a special guest I'll make an exception. Possibly Pirate Booty puffed rice and corn, or maybe the messy disaster that is Crunchy Cheetos (always crunchy, never puffed)

I'm going to have to switch on comment modera
tion to filter out the Pirate Booty humor now.  So, if I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?
Depends which one you pointed to. Top one is remotes for TV and DVD player, note pads, pens, flashlight, bookmarks. The bottom one is the fun one. :)

*eyes bottom drawer*  I'll keep that in mind.  Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?
I like to sleep like a loose fitting burrito. I'll pull the covers up tight around my shoulders, but maybe stick part of a foot out. Sort of like how those lizards with the big fins on their backs use them to cool down.

Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?
I'm usually running about 10 degrees colder than anyone else, so it probably won't do much good. And after the initial shock of your cold feet and my resulting 
scream, of course you can!

Me, too.  I"m always cold, that is.  You know what they say, or I say to the SO, is 'cold hands, warm heart'.  Applies to feet too, I think.  So, what are we reading? 
I'm reading my new book, Bounty, the first book of my Venom Valley series. It's a vampire, zombie, witch mash up set in the Old West. Perfect season for it, don't you think? Right now it's available at Amazon only but I'm working on adding it to other places as well. Here's the link to Amazon:

Here's the link to the Facebook page where I'll post any updates about new file formats and the upcoming sequel titled "Bait!" http://facebook.com/VenomValleySeries.

Bounty Excerpt:
There was a body inside the house, Josh could feel it.
He stood on the porch as the chill wind blew sand around his boots and against the wood planks of the house. The warm feeling inside him, long absent and only just recently returning, had started again. It sat low in his belly, just above his groin, a ball of heat like a stone pulled from the ashes of a smoking fire. It wasn’t too bad, not yet, but Josh knew what the sensation meant. He had only felt it twice before, and both times he had been near a dead body. 
A dead body that suddenly started to move.
Behind him, Clementine tossed her head and snorted where she stood tied to the porch railing. 
“Easy, girl,” Josh whispered. He licked his dry lips and reached for the door latch. The warmth spread, became a hot, prickling sensation that filled his chest and spread down his arms, bringing his hand to a stop. 
He swallowed the little spit left in his mouth and stared at the door latch. If Agnes were behind the door, he didn’t think he could do what had to be done, not to her. She was the only mother he had known. He should just turn, step off the porch, climb into the saddle, and ride off into the September dusk.
But what if it wasn’t Agnes dead inside the house? What if it was someone else, maybe an Indian attacker Agnes had shot, and then she had gone for help? Or maybe it was an older lady caller who had had a bad heart? Josh had to know for sure.
He moved away from the door, crossing the porch in three long strides to lean his rifle against the house. Cupping his hands around his eyes, Josh peered through the dust-streaked window.
A single oil lamp was lit, the flame fluttering in the drafty sitting room. Josh squinted and looked all around the room but saw no sign of a body.
Yet the heat inside him remained, building, growing hotter still. It was as if his blood was being boiled over a fire and poured back inside him. 
Clementine snorted again, impatiently it seemed to Josh, and he shot the mare a dirty look. “Clem, hush now. I’ll take the saddle off soon.”
Josh picked up his rifle and moved back to the door. He adjusted his grip on the wooden stock, checked to make sure the safety was off, then thumbed the door latch and pushed inside.

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  1. The two of you...in bed...together.



  2. Love the interview...can I squeeze in, I love Pirate's Booty...all kinds! LOL. Great excerpt, left me on the edge of my seat.

  3. Love the interview. Looks like a good book too!

  4. Lovely interview. I adore Pirate's Booty :) And crunchy Cheetos are required for all long drives in our family.

  5. I don't know what I love more, the great excerpt or the two of you in bed reading ;)

  6. *pounces in the middle* thanks for the visual kids!
    sending mine soon...

  7. LOL This is a great post Lee and Hank. Hank, love the excerpt!

  8. LOL this is awesome! Thanks for the visuals!

  9. *sneaks under the blanket and throws an arm over Hank and a leg over Lee and giggles* What? I was actually supposed to leave after my turn? Yeah right ... *heads pillow giggling my assets off*


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