Crawl in Bed With Kellie Kamryn

Crawl into Bed With Kellie Kamryn

*crawls across bed* Hi, Kellie.  *snuggles under blankets. Brr.

 Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton?

Flannel - it's getting cold here in Canada and I need to 

keep this little body of mine warm

I hear ya on that!  Though I can't claim to be little, I 

guess.What are you wearing?

Satin, pale pink negligee. What? I've got flannel sheets! 

Doesn't mean I can't wear something sexy. I'll still be 


You bet.  We'll all be warm! What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?

Lindt Peanut Butter Balls - my favorite. Melt in your mouth...mmmm

*mutters to self*  Peanut butter balls... sounds a little... sticky.  *blush* Oh... um... If I open this nightstand 

drawer, what will I find?

Underwear, maybe a toy or two... Wait! Did I say that out loud?

*eye roll* Please.  Doesn't everyone? Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off 

during the night?

Definitely curl up in a ball and wrap the blankies around myself. Spoon with me? I have to keep 

warm, you know ;)

Back to safer topics.  Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?

Absolutely! I love twining my legs with someone while I'm in bed with them :)

*blinks* I may not leave.  Its cold out there.  And some people won't share body heat.  Can you 

 that? What are we reading? 

Going for Goldrelease date October 8th from Romance Divine. www.romancedivine.com
Blurb: One cheerleading instructor. One male gymnastics coach. The staff Christmas party. One hell of a way to say Merry Christmas.

Excerpt: His balls ached. He contemplated discreetly adjusting his junk to assuage his discomfort but decided against it. It wouldn't help matters. At least not when the reason for it stood across the room, all sleek muscle and pleated, short skirt. She had been taunting him with that cheerleader body of hers since the day she'd come to work at the gym back in the fall. 
Raucous laughter made Grant Howard glance over just in time to see Teena Adams tip her head back, laughing at whatever had caused the uproar. At the sight of her beautiful profile, his cock jumped to attention. Her Christmas attire—red and green plaid skirt, green knee-high stockings, fire engine red heels, and white button-down blouse—was sexy as hell. He wouldn’t be able to endure this torture much longer.
It’s not like he didn’t get any on a regular basis. His reputation circulating as a “ladies man” with his female co-workers hadn’t escaped his attention. He neither perpetuated the myth nor did anything to dispel it. He got his fair share of pussy, but not from any of the women he coached with. Not that they weren’t hot—most gymnasts had a body a man would kill to get his hands on. But it was only common sense that if you wanted a good gym atmosphere, you didn’t fuck around with the girls on staff.

Thank you Lee! xo
Kellie Kamryn


  1. This gave me a good laugh this morning! Thanks for snuggling with me Lee!

  2. This is awesome ... I love these interviews and was thrilled to hear you did one Kellie! :)

  3. Oh Kellie, I love the pink satin negligee....and who wouldn't want to snuggle with Lee.
    Love the blog!

  4. Thanks Havan! When Lee asked I said "Yes!" right away, lol because these always give me a laugh!

  5. Lovely, fun interview and great excerpt, Kellie. I think this book will be a big winner.

  6. Absolutely Kell - if the sheets are flannel - the nightie can be skimpy :)

  7. Thank you Jean!

    Liz - these are always fun to read so I had to give it a go!

    Lisa - damn straight!

  8. Lindt Peanut Butter Balls? Ooooh, I want! We can't get them Down Under, yet.

  9. What a great interview! Fun, entertaining, and informational all in one. My fave is still the Lindt milk chocolates (in the red bag). I pretend to buy them as special treats for the kids then treat myself to a couple.

  10. Olivia - they are the best! Milk chocolate covered peanut butter filling...mmmmmmmmmmmm

    Good one Cherie! So you have a secret stash, too??


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