Crawl in Bed with Carol Zampa

Crawl in bed with Carol Zampa

*crawls across bed* Hi, Carol. Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton? If you are there? The silk, of course. White silk sheets. Nothing sexier than the pristine innocence of white silk.

Mhm.. *slides barefoot across silk*  Yes, it is! What are you wearing? Aw. I have to WEAR something? Well, if I have to wear something, just a short pink kimono. It’s silk, too.

Wait..I didn't say you had to wear something.  What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight? Mocha lattes.

*purrs*  That's perfect.  *hums* Coffe, coffee, coffee.  *looks around* If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find? THAT nightstand drawer is locked. So what does that tell you?

That it's the one drawer I'd probably really like to see inside?  *blinks innocently*  Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night? Is it chilly or warm? If it’s chilly, I roll up like a burrito. Warm, I kick off the covers.

 LOL. It seems pretty warm in here to me, but then I just got a glimpse of that excerpt you sent over. Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up? 
If you’ve been a good boy and I haven’t bound you to the bedpost.

Lmao- my feet are free.  *winks* we can fuss over who binds whom later. What are we reading? (attach cover art, buy links & excerpt)
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Carlos sighed and glanced over his shoulder.
“Thank you, mi querido. This is beautiful.”
I moved closer, circled my arms around his middle, and pulled him against me. Oh, how soft he was all wrapped in sensual silk, how good he smelled. “Are you happy, bebé?” I edged my fingers under the lapels at his neck and tugged the robe away from his shoulders. “Tell me you’re happy.”
He stretched, nuzzling into me. “Sí. I’m happy.”
Gently forcing the robe open, I bared him to the teeming city twenty-two floors below. “And you wouldn’t lie about that, would you, mi corazón?”
“No, never.” Clutching at the lapels, he tried to cover his nakedness.
“No, you wouldn’t, would you?” I forced the robe open even more. “I’m glad, bebé.”
He stiffened. “People can see us.”
“Hmm?” I licked over the small, hard surface of the diamond dove. “Let them see.”
He swallowed hard, resisting me. “It’s… this is indecent exposure.” A feeble chuckle escaped him.
“So?” I slipped my fingers around his erection, fondling it, rubbing the thick hair at his base. “I don’t see a cop anywhere. Do you?”
I smoothed my hands over his chest, my palms lingering over the nipple rings, and I enjoyed the taut but supple muscles rippling beneath satiny, dark skin. I eased the silk down his arms, letting the robe float silently to the floor at his feet. Now he stood, completely naked, with nothing but my arms to cover his body.
“Oh, God,” he whimpered, pressing into me. “Not out in the open, like… oh, fuck….”
“Relax, chico, nobody can see you,” I cooed, and my hand retuned to its favorite spot—his cock.
“But… what if… somebody has… binoculars or just… really good… vision?” He put up a feeble protest, but judging by his fully erect penis that was hot in my fist, he actually enjoyed the titillation of his body, his sex, being exposed to onlookers.
“Then they’ll just see my hands feeling you up, bebé.” I dug my teeth lightly into the slope of his shoulder. “They’ll see you cum for me.”
My tongue lapped at the goose bumps on his neck, my gaze scouring the movement far below on the riverwalk. “You want to cum for me, bebé?”
What if inquisitive eyes could see from the crowd below? I’d never figured myself a sexual extrovert, so my excitement over possibly being seen surprised but also aroused me immensely.
His slender fingers wrapped around mine. “Harder,” he begged.

I thrust from behind while I fisted him and watched his body undulating with my movements. Precum leaked, and knowing how close he was drove me crazy. “Let it go, cariño. Cum for me.”
“Please,” he cried, almost under his breath, his hips pumping, fucking my hand. He groped my arms, and his fingernails dug into my flesh.
He shuddered into his orgasm, and I gently fisted until he was spent, then turned him to face me and enveloped him in my robe.
Sated, he gazed up at me, serenity glowing soft in his brown eyes. He scrunched closer to me and laughed. “You turned me into a pervert.”
“Mmm.” I rested my chin on his mussed hair. “I love my little pervert.”
Squinting, he smirked. “You were getting off to it, too.”
“So I was.” My arms bundled him tighter. “But it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. You came very quickly. So it only seemed like forever.”
“I’m sorry.”
“What are you sorry for, bebé?”
“For coming… so….” Dark lashes lowered over his eyes.
“Listen to me, Carlos.” I touched a finger under his chin, coaxing his gaze to mine. “Oh, bebé, I love how you cum.” I kissed his forehead. “I love how quiet and soft you get off. It turns me on, makes me crazy for you.”
“I never came this fast, Candy, for other men.” He clamped his teeth down on his bottom lip. “It’s just that you….” Glancing off to a chair in the corner of the patio, he murmured, “It’s just that you get to me.” He returned his gaze to mine. “Do you realize that you can even look at me sometimes, and I nearly shoot off in my fucking pants?”
“Really? I didn’t realize I had such powers.
He nodded. “From the first time I saw you.” His attention swung to the chair again. “Fuck. Your eyes, so strong but so sweet, and… damn… your body. And when you first looked at me….” Stopping, he just shook his head.
“I’ve told you a million times, chico, that I wanted you the second I did lay eyes on you. And it’s only gotten stronger.”

“Let me make love to you.” He squirmed deeper into my embrace.
“Nah.” Rocking him in my arms, I said, “You know what? I just want to hold you, look at you.”
“But your—”
“Yeah, my prick is hard as a rock.”
“So—” He shrugged.
“So my hard-on can wait a little. Besides, you wanted to order a banana split from room service.”
Did those words come from my mouth? I needed him, and my dick was rigid, but oddly, I desperately wanted to bury myself in his beauty, not his ass, right then. The night was so good, so right, but the anxiety over Jesse’s information brought out the need to hold Carlos, as though somehow embracing him would make all the doubt go away.



  1. I have it I just need to read. Hugs and love to you Carol and Lee!

  2. Niiiiice! Carol, you sound as deliciously pervy as they come. Ahem. So to speak. Much luck with your release!

  3. Hey, Rawiya and Johnny!
    Being pervy IS absolutely delicious, isn't it? Mmm.....

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