Flash Fiction Friday: The Boys in the Band

Flash Fiction Friday 

The Boys in the Band

They think they know me, think I'm defined by my voice, my hair, the make up and the songs I write.
I’m not.  If it would get me one real look, one honest smile, from him, I'd cut it all off and wash my face.  I'd wear a shirt and tie, I'd spit shine my damn boots.
But he doesn't give a fuck.
Actually, that's all he does give.
I want more.
Until my check writing accountant opens his heart, I'm just a rock and roll whore, paying bills with my voice not my body.

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  1. That's raw emotion there! Lee - I love this, I want to slap some heads together with her to force him to understand ... great flashing honey! <3

  2. you can really feel her pain. great FFF. I want to smack that dude up!

    Erika Badass FFF

  3. wow!! I love it! some ppl will never understand... I'm with my yang there, I want to slap him!!

  4. Spit shine the boots then kick his ass. lol. Great job!

  5. She needs to write a song that tells him what she wants. Then he might pay attention.

  6. That was so intense - fantastic, Lee xx

  7. Hmmm, a rock and roll whore, shirt & tie, spit shined boots?? My, my...is She really a He?? Tell her to turn around so I can check the equipment.

    Lee, you rock. A very, very interesting post and totally hot - I loved it.

  8. Wow! Yeah l can see that! Great 100!

  9. Oh Wow! Such emotion. I love it, she needs to tell him somehow.

  10. Screw him. She can find better! Great FFF.

  11. I'm with Heaven Liegh on this one. Rock star needs to dust off, drum up the inner rock-star-diva-strength, and say "Screw You, Asshole! I'm better than that." Nice FFF, got me all riled up and I've been wanting to spit shine my boots and kick some ass! :)


  12. I thought this was a guy from the outset. You're better than he is babe. Don't let him push you around like that. You can have any man you want. You're a star! Great post Lee.

  13. See, Lee? You write something great like this and it makes me want to know more!! LOL

  14. The accountant doesn't deserve the star. The star needs someone who is willing to rock her world in every way possible. GREAT POST!!


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