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It's Simple, Simon
 copyright© Lee Brazil

Simon Carter has achieved unimaginable success
and he owes it all to a man from his past whose scorn set fire to his ambition.

"It's Simple, Simon. You lack ambition."

Chase Garvin's jibe had sent Simon Carter on unexpected paths and brought him unimaginable success. No longer a penniless musician, the highly paid investment banker is going home for the first time in years. He plans to rest, relax, and spend a little time rubbing his ex-lover's nose in his success. A visit to the Renaissance Fair brings this not-quite-so-simple- Simon nose to nose with his past and somehow revenge doesn't seem quite so attractive.

Chase Garvin, Denver, Colorado's very own Pie Man, is still incredibly handsome. What's more, the more mature Chase is very appreciative of Simon's talents.

When the old attraction flares between them, Simon and the Pie Man get caught up in tasting the wares, and neither counts the pennies.

He sniffed the golden pies. Mmm. Chase had always been talented in the kitchen. The aroma was intoxicating. Delicious. As he ate, savoring the flaky crust and rich fillings, he contemplated the man who'd treated him to the pies. Chase was one hot baker. He'd always been sexy, but there was no way that hunk of beef could fit into his old Renaissance garb. Chase had put on muscle. His shoulders had broadened, his biceps bulged, and mmm.... The rest was hidden behind that voluminous apron, but Simon doubted that it had changed much.

Best of all, Chase still seemed to find him attractive. That was just icing on the cake. The sugar on the pie? He chuckled softly. Whatever it was, he liked it. Liked the idea that Chase might still be interested in him sexually. As he licked the sugary filling off his fingers, he contemplated abandoning his plan. After all, Chase hadn't meant to hurt him years ago, and he'd certainly seemed welcoming enough, even though to all appearances Simon hadn't changed over the years. Yeah, there really wasn't any reason to prove to Chase how successful and ambitious he really was. He should just come clean.

On the other hand, he felt like enough of an idiot for hiding his success in the first place. He bit into the next pie, feeling the juice trickle down his chin. He licked at it, chewing and swallowing, scrabbling absently for a napkin to wipe his chin. It would be horribly embarrassing to go back to that booth and offer to pay for the pies, to tell Chase why he hadn't wanted to pay in the first place.

"Here, I'll get that for you." Chase grabbed his napkin. To his surprise, Chase drooped down onto the grass next to him. Instead of dabbing his chin with the white paper napkin, the man leaned forward, his breath a warm buttery scented breeze as he hovered close for a moment before gently licking the juice off Simon's skin.

Now- how do you win it?
It's Simple.
Leave me a comment, including contact info, with your favorite nursery rhyme- or a nursery rhyme you think would make a great foundation for a naughty tale...and on July 31, 2012- I'll select a winner by random draw form the participants!

See? Easy...


  1. The first one that came to mind for me was Jack be Nimble. I can just imagine the ways that can be used in a story.

    grumpybybirth @ gmail . com

  2. Twinkle, Twinkle little star.

    Not sure it would make a great foundation for a story, but I remember this as a child looking out the window at night.

  3. I have absolutely no idea how you would make this one into a naughty tale, but my favorite one was always Three Little Kittens.

    Michelle V
    romanceinreview AT gmail DOT com

  4. Let's see... I'd go with... "Jack Be Nimble". But change it to "Jack Be Limber" hehehe

    Christopher M. Hammel

  5. I can see a wonderful naughty tale of Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.

  6. Hickory DICKory Dock...

  7. Little Boy Blue has possibilities.


  8. Little Mis(ter) Muffett...just what did he sit on anyway? :)
    chellebee66 at gmail dot com

  9. I always liked Round and Round the garden, like a teddy Bear and This little piggy.
    I'm sure both could have possibilities!
    Little suze at hotmail dot com

  10. I think Old King Cole would make a great story :)

    scj_ger [at] yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk

  11. Rub-a-dub-dub-Three men in a tub!

    Nice and naughty...

  12. Congrats on Simple Simon, and I love the excerpt..*S*
    I have 2 of my all time favorites, so you can choose. They have been stuck in my head for years for some odd reason...who knows...LOL. And it's hard to choose just one too.

    Three Blind Mice
    Pop Goes the Weasel

    pommawolf @hotmail.com

  13. Hi Lee,
    I was laughing reading the blurb. Very fun!
    Okay, I think Jack be Nimble might make a good m/m romance...if candlestick could be a euphemism for something special and Jack didn't quite clear the hurdle, so to speak. lol

  14. The Man that Cried Wolf! You know how it goes... "oh, Wolf! Wolf! Harder, Wolf, yes!"
    OceanAkers @ aol.com

  15. Great excerpt. I always love stories where food factors in.

    My nursery rhyme choice is "Star Light, Star Bright"


  16. I don't know what mine is called but it goes like this:

    I do not like the Doctor Fell
    The reason why I cannot tell
    But this I know and know full well
    I do not like the Doctor Fell

    I still quote it to my daughter and she is now 22 (mainly cause it drives her nuts)


  17. Lunarcherub@Yahoo.com
    Prince and the pea

  18. Oooh~ Fun contest! lol..
    Haha... I can already imagine the naughty tale for this, but my fav. nursery rhyme is Hush Little Baby. >3


  19. sammythepirate@gmail.com

    And I have to say that Jack and Jill is my fav--especially if Jack has to dump out his lube and condoms from the bucket before he can fill it with water!! ahahah!!

  20. I absolutely love the idea for this story :-). I don't know what my favorite nursery rhyme is, i have several.
    Little Boy Blue, Hickory "Dick"ory Dock. Jack and Jill but I'd prefer Jack and Phil.


  21. *comes running in* Did I make it???? Nursery rhyme huh? Hmmm Hansel and Gretel I would say, love the idea of candy! LOL


  22. Humpty Dumpty;))
    Melanie Broyles

  23. I'm going with Diddle, Diddle, dumpling, my son John
    Diddle, diddle, dumpling, my son John,
    Went to bed with his trousers on;
    One shoe off, and the other shoe on,
    Diddle, diddle, dumpling, my son John



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