Coming Soon: Holidays With Jacob

Releasing February 15, 2013 

Holidays With Jacob

In Loving Jacob they were torn apart, then brought together again for a fresh start. Follow Malcolm Jenner and Jacob Renault through a year of special days as their relationship grows.
Join Malcolm and Jacob as they forge their relationship amid the ashes of the past. From making love again for the first time, to letting go of past ties, these two men still make mistakes, but the past has taught them to be honest with one another and to consider each other's needs in addition to their own wants and desires.
 Celebrate a year of holidays, joys, failures, and triumphs as Malcolm and Jacob learn that it takes more than love to build a relationship that lasts. 

Malcolm stopped him with a hand on his forearm. "Let's take a walk on the beach while there's still some light and clean up later." He managed to make the suggestion sound casual though he felt as though his heart were beating out of his chest in a visible cartoon character manner. He patted nervously at his pocket for the items he'd placed there earlier.
Jacob nodded and twisted his wrist so that their hands were clasped together. Malcolm's heartbeat stuttered as he caught a brief glimpse of the fine scars that criss-crossed their way up Jacob's arm. They hadn't been good for each other all those years ago. What made him think that this time around would be any different? Hand in hand they descended the shallow steps to the sand from the deck. He started to speak a few times, and bit back the words. He wasn't sure how to phrase what he wanted to say. Damn it.
"Malcolm, what's going on here?" Jacob's voice was soft, tentative. He seemed very young and insecure suddenly, more so than Malcolm had ever seen him.
Bracing his spine and turning to face Jacob, Malcolm took a deep breath before finding his voice, husky with emotion. "If I tell you the truth…"
Jacob's gaze locked with Malcolm's. "Malcolm, you're creeping me out here. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but this is all just a little, well, creepy. The truth would be fine. Go ahead. I can handle it."
Malcolm smiled. He rubbed his thumb over the scars at Jacob's wrist. He felt on comfortable footing again. "But, is it more than you want?"
Jacob flushed and swallowed visibly, but answered without hesitation. "No. I want this." He gestured to the romantic moonlight with their clasped hands, towards where the incoming tide washed away the remains of the day. He hesitated briefly then rushed on as though determined to get the words out. "I love you. I always have, since the very first time in the elevator." Jacob laughed, a little darkly. "Hell, I moved back here from Vermont, gave up a good teaching position with the university, for a second chance with you, Malcolm. Whatever your truth is, I can handle it."
Malcolm paused in astonishment. On reflection, he realized that it was true, and recognized that on a certain level he had known all along that this was the case. The soft glow in Jacob's eyes hadn't appeared there suddenly, it had been there all along. The knowledge gave him the courage he needed to speak himself.
"I love you, too. I want to be with you. That is my truth."

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