Taking a LOOK at the backlist: Keeping House

Look! A Writing Challenge!  This is revised from a challenge that was circulating in 2012.
The Rules are simple:

 Find the word LOOK in one of your back list books, and then post the three paragraphs surrounding it. Post your favorite three, the ones that are most intriguing and then tag three other authors who might like to share their back-list.  I'm tagging Tom Webb, Angel Martinez, and Havan Fellows. 
My excerpt is from KEEPING HOUSE, available at

“Sorry to wake you, Mr. Holloway,” he called, grateful that his voice came out sounding masculine instead of squeaky. Knowing there was nothing he could do to disguise his erection in his tight clothes; he turned quickly back to survey the jumbled interior of the small van.
 He heard Donovan’s approaching footsteps squelching in the soggy leaves and looked down to see the man’s long, elegant feet in flip-flops parked next to his own combat boots. Fuck. He even had sexy feet? There really was no justice in the world. If there were, the man would have some visible flaw to counteract his gorgeousness. Maybe he’s got a tiny cock, and that’s God’s little joke, or he prefers to bottom, too. In which case even if I got him into bed neither of us would know what the fuck to do with the other.
 Coughing, he turned to his friends. “Mr. Holloway, these are my friends, who were kind enough to help me move.” Actually, he’d quite recently discovered that they were his only real friends, but Donovan didn’t need to know that the hundreds of hangers-on who’d been happy to party with him when he was flush had disappeared when the money had gone. He pulled Bella forward from where she tried to hide behind him, “This is Bella, and that’s Dex and Trick.” He waved in the direction of the twins hoping their behavior at the moment was discreet enough not to turn Donovan off the idea of letting them in his house. 

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