February Projects

February Projects

Hi everyone!
Come on in and sit a spell. *sips coffee* Ahhh. That's good stuff. I’m working my fingers to the bone this month... well, not really. I'm working at adding another book to my paperback collection: Going to skip over Taking the Dare for now until I can do the whole series...Breathless Press currently holds a paper rights contract on the first three books and I need to explore the options there. The next paperback release will be Mark's Opening Gambit, not sure exactly when as it needs to be re-edited, formatted and cover art designed. Definitely by the end of the month though.

I'm working on a series of regency romances with a friend, we're planning six titles, three M/M, which I'll write, and three mmf, which she will write. We're calling it Behind Closed Doors, The Brigstock Family. The first book, Randall's Romance is nearly complete and I'm really enjoying revisiting the regency setting. (I wrote Less Than All last year and it was my first venture into the realm of Regency England) This is all first draft work, so of course you won't be seeing it until maybe June.

Speaking of regencies, I am adding a new title to my Rake series this month. This one is called Tailored for You, and will feature Gavin's visit to his tailor. *fans face* As you know, these naughty little stories are just for fun pieces. Quick and sexy, Heated Exchanges can take place anywhere, any time, between any characters.

And Story Orgy is working on a new anthology, this one based on prompts provided by readers in the form of song titles form the 50's. I’m basing my story around the song Dream Lover by Bobby Derrin. It's turning out to be a very different sort of story, more than a little surreal. So far I've had call to draw on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the poetry of Robert Frost, Homer, and L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz. Should be fun. I'm enjoying writing it, anyway. Deadline is April first, and I need to add another 3K this month to bring it to the required 10K. Should definitely be doable.

Last but not least- I'll be outlining the third Chances Are story this month. I’m not going to tell you many details, because, well...the second story isn't out yet and I don't want to spoil it for you. Suffice it to say that it isn't following the outline I planned when I plotted out the five story romance ARC. *chuckles* That's okay. I have ideas for a bit of a fling for one of the other characters... But that will have to wait till later.

I’m limiting myself to three projects a month. The plan is to write 35K a month, 3 stories, one of 20K, one 10K, one 5K. Let's see how that goes for 2013, shall we?

Thanks for stopping by!
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