Does your cat look at you like this?

Mine does. I don't know what she expects from me, but I do know that she doesn't think she's getting it. I usually get this look right before she turns her back on me and pointedly stares elsewhere.

Sometimes, the look is accompanied by a tail swish.

That's when I know I'm in trouble.

She hasn't forgiven me for shutting her up in the back porch for a week while we had dogs visiting.  I explained to her that the visitors were much too large for the back porch, and that it was only temporary, and strictly for her own safety.

That's right.

She looked at me like this.

I have a very expensive array of gourmet cat food in tiny pouches and tins to mollify her injured feelings.

I hope to avoid any unpleasantness.

If you don't here from me for a while...send help.


  1. You leave Abby alone...she is a princess...*giggles behind hands*


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