Take A Look at the Back List: Donovan's Deal


Look! A Writing Challenge!  This is revised from a challenge that was circulating in 2012.
The Rules are simple:

 Find the word LOOK in one of your back list books, and then post the three paragraphs surrounding it. Post your favorite three, the ones that are most intriguing and then tag three other authors who might like to share their back-list. I'm tagging Em Woods, Sara York, and Silvia Violet. 

This excerpt is from Donovan's Deal Truth or Dare #6  

Interesting. "Forgot my wallet. What do you mean you can't afford to support me? I have a very decent salary for the work I do as Dan's assistant, and Donovan and I are doing just fine at supporting ourselves." Of course, they'd do much better at it if Donovan would just use some of the god damn money from the trust for things like Matt's school and soccer fees, house payments and vehicles. No. Not his antiquated fossil. Donovan had strong ideas about his role as the man of the family, about providing for his loved ones. Mischa pulled a wad of hundred dollar bills from the leather wallet and tossed them on the table in front of him. He cast an inquiring glance at Terry to see if he planned to answer the question.
Terry grabbed the wallet back muttering dire insults under his breath. "You're paying that back. And quit looking at me. I'm not in financial difficulties."
Mischa smirked and clicked his piercing loudly. "You'll end up owing it to me in a few hours anyway!" But he noted the lie in Terry's eyes, and made a note to sound out Dex and Trick about what was going on his brother's house.

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