Sage Advice #2

Oh! I am so guilty of this!


Things to work on. What are your writing foibles?

Here's a few of mine:

1.  Ellipses. I am addicted to them. Scatter the things like confetti, or ants at a picnic. Need to cure that habit.

2.  Typos- I have two major, consistent typing errors that recur. One is flipping the o and r in from. Yeah. At the end of every first draft, my first revision step is to do a search and find for "form". I still miss a few, as I'm sure my editor tell you.

3.  Double spacing after a sentence. It was drilled into me in Typing 101 back in high school, on an old model electric typewriter. Apparently, now that we're all computerized, that's not the way things are done. Hard habit to break, that is, but I'm getting there!

4. See that up there? Exclamation mark. Bastard snuck right in. They always do.

What are some of your writing foibles?

1 comment:

  1. I have dyslexia so you can imagine the revered ones that slip by me.. Exclamation points! see that sneaky booger? Incomplete sentences. I. Love. Them LOL.


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